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It was nearly Passover. The city was stirred up. Roman security was at high alert. A Nazarene jew had been judged, beaten, and condemned to die a terrible death. The morning had been filled with throngs following the Nazarene carpenter teacher from one judgment to the next.


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In less than one week, the people of Jerusalem went from “Hosanna, hosanna!” on Palm Sunday to “Crucify him!” the day before Passover. How blind we can be to the presence of God. The prophesied messiah, God with us, was received and rejected in less than six days.


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And suddenly… you should find how many times that was said in the Bible. When it is finally time in God’s plans “and suddenly” it happens – all those things He has been saying all along.

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An article was written stating christians demand a king in a political candidate. No we don’t.

Christans do not demand a king. Christians should demand someone who loves their country and its people more than power and theirself.

The problem is too many are willing to be led by marketing, news media, and personality rather than sound wisdom, self-education, and sound decision-making.

Abdication of self-governing responsibility leads to dictatorship by others. In the USA, our government is based on the premise that the adults are required govern or manage their own affairs. That responsibility is not given to others.

Everywhere else on Earth, the responsibility of governance is to the state – whether dictator, monarch, or elite assembly.

I count it an extreme privilege to have been born in the time I am and in the country I am where my dependence is not on the favor of a state system but on self determination and individual sovereignty.

I am not dependent on a political savior. I am not so much anti-Obama as anti-bad governmental management.

Our founding leaders understood the US government was based on managing the connectivity of all citizens and not determing how those not of the patron class were to live.

The USA does not need a king, despot, nor ruling assembly. The USA needs only those who are willing to serve their fellow countrymen and the benefit of their nation.

No kings needed here. No kings need apply.

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It doesn’t matter what has happened if you choose to change your circumstances, commit, and stick to your decision. This is what happened in the life of Ruth; a young lady from Moab. Life became as bad as it could get then it became worse. She had no place to go. No hope for a future, so she committed herself to an uncertain future.


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