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Why President and Dems hurry to nationalize health care
by Dallas Church & State Examiner, Doc Rogers
Source: www.examiner.com

I was sent an article from the AFA as a forward from Ben Stein of the American Spectator*. In the aritcle he really attacked President Obama, his previous to presidency positions, his academia, his socio-community leadership, his religious mentor, and some of his current positions…

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 The sky is blue, the sun is hot
Wisps of cotton float across sky
The sound of gulls fills my ears
Air is the aroma of the salt sea 

A black two lane cut by twin yellow lines
A bridge, a road, the usual place to park
A sense of expectation rises
Excited eyes look east

The air is cooled by a seaborne breeze
The white sidewalk is hot to unshod feet
Tall grasses waving beckon us forth
Towels and lotion in hand we march 

Sand covered wooden walks lead the way
Slick wet steps, evidence of passersby
Thorny little grasses clutch at exposed skin
Sugar sand beckons just beyond the dunes 

Crashing waves and squeals of children
A barking dog, a flying kite
Eastward calls to the slower make haste
Savoring the moment crossing the last dune

Oiled bodies laying on wind tossed mats
Coolers of beverages and ill-behaved umbrellas
Flying disks and girls crying watch out
Arms hugging bodies as the first waves hit 

Sitting and watching, soaking the sun
Conversations only half heard
Distant ships setting out or returning home
Sails skipping over waves or lolling in the breeze

Coaxed into moving, cajoled for just sitting
The waves are calling, the waves are calling
The first ginger step barefooted on sugar sand
Run to the wet part, come rushing wave 

Ankle deep, current pulling sand
Feet sinking slowly, toes covered slightly
Cold salt water lapping at my feet
Another step deeper, a splash at my knee

A silly grin on my face, I’m five once again
A woman just squealed, a wave struck her back
Deeper I go, it’s up to my waist
It’s always colder than remembered, I dive in 

Time travels quickly, hours slip past
Lunch is eaten, beverages drank
Castles built, castles washed away
Friends are chased, laughter given

The sun falls westward, the air grows cold
The chill in the water heightened by the wind
The sun loses its strength, clouds mask its warmth
Last attempts to do anything to forestall the end 

At last all things are packed, nothing forgotten
Sugar sand dunes covered in footsteps
The sun steadily falls westward, westward
The car is full of sand that persists, everyone is ready 

A black two lane cut by twin yellow lines
A bridge, a road, the usual way home
A sense of expectation fulfilled
Sleepy eyes look east

The sky is orange and red, the sun goes to sleep
Majestic brush strokes paint across sky
The sound of road noise fills my ears
Air is the aroma of the sea and oil 

The sky is dark, the lights are on
Sleepy eyes shut, their day is done
Familiar streets arrive, turns are taken
The car is stopped, we are home

Note: Inspired by Krystal Waters’ “Shore Line and Sandels”

 ©2008 Dave Doc Rogers

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A wise man tells his student “Thus and thus and thus…”

The student must choose to live within the sayings.

Having not chosen to live within the sayings the student discovers in life that “Thus and thus and thus…” were correct.

Wisdom is learning from the experience of others’ mistakes and observations of life.
Experience is learning from your own.

Be wise. Learn from GOD, the observer of all things.

*This message brought to you today by the Christian Bible’s books of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

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“Now, I have prepared with all my might for the house of my God…”
– I Chronicles 29:2 KJV

1. Building a House for God

“Lo, I dwell in a house of cedars, but the ark of the covenant of the Lord remainth under curtains.” – I Chronicles 17:1b KJV 

Now, King David had been king of Israel for some time. Whenever he went to worship the Lord God of Israel, he went to a tabernacle made of tents and cloth while he lived in a palace of cedars, fine furniture, and luxury. This began to bother King David that he should live so well and the Lord God of Israel dwelt in tents. He desired more for his God than that. His heart was that God should also have the best of things and a house worthy of His name. So, King David of Israel began to pursue just that.

                Look around your life. Does God, the God of the Holy Bible, the Father of Jesus your Savior, the Gifter of the Holy Spirit; does He have a better place in your life than you do? Is He at least equal? If not begin building Him a house in your life that He might dwell in it.

2. Preparation

“Now, I have prepared with all my might for the house of my God…”
– I Chronicles 29:2 KJV

                When King David of Israel made this statement it was many years… years after he first decided he would like to build a house for God. He desired a house for God that would be great and of great fame throughout the world. 

“… and the house that is to be builded for the Lord must be exceeding magnificent, of fame and of glory throughout all countries: I will therefore now make preparation for it. So, David prepared abundantly before his death.” – I Chronicles 22:5 KJV               

3. Counting the Cost 

King David set out in preparation, before the building of the House of God, all the pieces and craftsmanship needed to build the House. He set aside, in store, all the money needed to start the work and all the detailed plans to build it. This is detailed in I Chronicles 22:14~16, 23: et al, 28:11~18, 21, 29:2~9. 

4. Construction 

Solomon, after being made king of Israel, returned to King David’s desire to build a house for God. (II Chronicles 2~3) King Solomon pursued the best materials and the best persons he could find to work the materials so that God’s house would be without equal in all the world. 

5. Furnishing 

King Solomon contracted with the best craftsmen to make exacting and excellent furnishing for the House of God. (II Chronicles 4) In exacting detail, he had his servants craft the instruments, implements, stonework, pillars, and all the utensils for service in God’s House. 

6. Consecrating 

Once everything was made that needed to be made, once everything was built that needing building, once everything was crafted that needed to be crafted, once everything was in place that needed to be in place; King Solomon called the elders, heads of the tribes of Israel, the chief fathers of Israel, and all the men of Israel to Jerusalem to bring the Ark of the Lord from its resting place in the Tabernacle of David to the House of God, the Temple in Jerusalem. Then, they began to offer sacrifices without number and praise unto the God of Israel. (II Chronicles 5:1~7) 

“It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the LORD; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the LORD, saying, For He is good; His mercy endureth forever: that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the LORD; so that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God.” – II Chronicles 5:13~14 KJV 

7. Living in the House 

The rest of the history of Israel shows their respect and lack of respect for the House that King David desired and King Solomon built for God. From time to time the kings and the people of Israel returned their hearts back to God and the house that was made for Him. Solomon built a house for God. Zerubbabel and Jeshua rebuilt a house for God. Herod rebuilt a house for God. Let us build a house for God.

Can we build a house for God? The Bible says yes we can. 

“What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost…”
– I Corinthians 6:20a KJV 

                Using the pattern above (Building the House, Preparing the House, Counting the Cost, Constructing the House, Furnishing the House, Consecrating the House, and Living in the House), let us look at how we can build a House for God in our own lives.

                The house was built for us. David, in the Psalms, shows us how we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made by the hand of God. (Psalm 139:14) We were “predestined” to be with Him. (Ephesians 1:5, 11) We have been given the house that He desires to inhabit. Then, let us accept this habitation and build a life that is pleasing to God. Let us give Him a place where we can sacrifice and make offerings unto our God. Since we have been given a worthy house usable to praise our God, let us begin then the preparation of the house for service to Him.

                How do we prepare for so great an undertaking? King David spent his latter years working out the details for a house he would never build. Many kings and elders after him took it upon themselves to build, rededicate, rebuild, or build anew a house for God. So, how do we prepare? In the same way they did. First, they decided in their hearts they would build a habitation unto God, the LORD GOD of Israel. Then, they set about finding what was needed. You are that building. What do you need in your life to be the habitation of God? What cleansing, what sanctification do you need in your life so that you can be acceptable as a place of meeting, a place of sacrifice, a place of praise and worship unto our God?

                The Bible is the starting place. You must begin with building a firm foundation of the study, knowledge, and understanding of God’s Word, the Holy Bible. From there, let the Words that God speaks from His Bible act as the laver to cleanse you, to sanctify you, to separate you from the things of this world. Prepare yourself with a right understanding and a right humility. Circumcise your heart, cut away the things of this world from your inward being. Walk in separation unto your God, the LORD GOD of Israel.

                Count the cost. What will it cost you to walk this way? What did it cost God to allow you to come near Him? There is a price. In the garden in Eden, Adam’s price of disobedience was spiritual death, tilling the soil, fighting with thorns to be fed from the earth. A further cost was the shedding of blood to cover his nakedness in his flesh. (Genesis 3:21) It will cost you something to be disobedient to God. Because of Adam’s sin and curse, you have to labor for your gain. Under the Law given to Moses, blood had to be shed to cover the sin of Israel. You will have to put out some effort, yes even struggle at times, to get close to God. Jesus shed His blood at the Cross to cover your sins. You must accept that sacrifice and let that blood cover you just as Adam was covered by the shedding of blood and just as Israel was covered by the shedding of blood under the Law. There is a cost, a price.

                Constructing the house of God is laborious. To construct it well, to ensure it will stand for eternity, it will require hard work on your part. You build it and support it with the truths of God; and that only through His Word the Bible, confirmed by His Holy Spirit. To build well, it is a meticulous, detailed, process to change from your base perspectives and understanding to the perspectives and understanding that only God can provide. It is a life-long process. Just as God gifted men and women craftsmen for Moses, David, Solomon, Zerubbabel, and Herod; God will send to you gifted men and women to help you refine your house into a house worthy of God.

                Furnishing your house is through good works. Just as in the world today, there are artists in stone or paint or film that do incredible “works” in their media of choice and finding those, paying for those, and putting them in the right spot takes time and contemplation. Follow the Biblical examples to do good works to fill up your house unto God. Let your house be well furnished with great works that are as exquisite works of art to bless the Lord, your God.

                Consecration means to separate for a specific purpose and no other purpose. Consecrate your life, your house, to the specific purpose of habitation with God, to be a praise and a worship unto Him. And, do no other thing with your life. If there is a thing in this world that you are doing or someone wants you to do but it is not pleasing to God, do not do it. That is no longer a part of your life. Your life is pleasing to God; and God only.

                Living in the house is your daily task. Paul said in Romans 12:1 to present yourself as a living sacrifice. It is your reasonable service. According to God and His reasoning with Paul, this act of daily building a house where God and you can dwell together is your reasonable, logical, acceptable, it makes sense to do it, service – a task not so much for you as the one to whom you are giving it.

                Build for yourself a house unto God.

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1. The Anointing

 In the modern church culture of contemporary Europe or North America, the term ‘anointing’ is often misused, misunderstood. Yes, it is a verb in the progressive tense and is a gerund therefore can be used as a noun. But its real significance comes when it remains a verb, a past tense event. When the Anointing is an action it takes on a different significance all-to-together. The Anointing becomes a marker in time, a reference point for a significant event, a demarcation of before and after. It becomes a sign marking the difference between what was and what is now, usually born out in what is to come. 

Do not trust most books on the Anointing. They do not know what it is really. Learn what the anointing is and is not from the Bible. Know the Word of God for yourself. Study to show yourself approved of God. Separate yourself to Him. Ask of Him. He will teach you. He will guide you. He will lead you into all truth. He will teach you how to receive the Anointing and to walk in the Anointing that you received. 

Before you can ask for something, you should know what it is you are getting. You should know what it is not. You should know what it does. You should know what it does not do. If you do not know these things then anyone can and will come along to give you something that is not the Anointing saying it is. You could wake up to find you have something on you that is harder to remove than an unwanted tattoo. 

2. What it is

So, what is the Anointing? Simply put, it is the official recognition that you are authorized to do what it is you do.

“Authorized” is an interesting word. It means given or endowed with authority; duly sanctioned.

“Authority” – for the curious among us – means having or being the power of the originator.

“Author” means the maker, the creator, the originator of a thing; someone who is the source. 

The Anointing carries with it the Power of the Source. If your anointing was by the hand of Man, then you carry all of the power, force, and authority of the one anointing you. If they are powerless – unable to back up what they have bestowed – then the anointing is powerless. If your anointing was by the hand of the Eternal-Self-Existent-GOD-In-Whom-All-Power-Exists then your anointing is backed by a pretty good source. And nothing … no thing … can remove it. 

I Timothy 5.22 KJV “Lay hands suddenly on no man, …” 

Let no one lay hands on you to impart something to you unless you know they are of the GOD of the Bible and hear GOD clearly.

The English word “anoint” means to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance; to apply oil as a sacred rite especially for consecration; to designate as if by ritual anointment.*

“Anointing” would be to ‘anoint’ someone or something in ‘real-time.’

Once you have received the “Anointing” you are “Anointed.” It seems almost too obvious to have to state, but there is a reason for being overly clear on this point.

There are several definitions for the act of “anointing.” We are specifically looking at “anointing toward consecration” rather than the anointing of bread with butter. “Consecration” means to separate, to authorize, to set apart for a particular work or service or office.
–          Aaron was anointed high priest before GOD in the Tabernacle of Moses
–          Saul was anointed king of Israel
–          David was anointed king of Israel

 “Anointing” is the present act of someone who has the authority to do so ‘marking’ you, singling you out, commissioning you to do that thing for which you are “Anointed.” 

3. What it is not

The “Anointing” is not that thing for which you were “anointed.” 

The “Anointing” is not the power or authority for that which you were “anointed.”

The “Anointing” is not a thing to be desired without caution.

The “Anointing” is not a thing lightly given or given away.

The “Anointing” is not a thing to be coveted.

4. What it will do

The “Anointing” is GOD’s approval and sanction for what it is He wants you to do with Him.
–          Aaron and his sons, Exodus 29.21; Exodus 40.15; Leviticus 8.12, 30
–          Moses anoints the Tabernacle and everything in it, Leviticus 8.10
–          To be empowered to oversee His possession, 1 Samuel 10.1
–          To be empowered to greatness, 1 Samuel 16.13
–          To be sanctioned and sealed in your role given to you, 1 Kings 1.39
–          To teach you and to abide in Him, 1 John 2.27 

The “Anointing” sets you apart for a specific task or duty.

Isaiah 61.1-2a KJV “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives,  and the opening of the prison to them that are bound, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord…” [Luke 4.18] 

The “Anointing” empowers you to do that which GOD has called you to do.

Acts 10.38 KJV “… GOD anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for GOD was with him. 

 5. Receiving your “Anointing” 

The “Anointing” is GOD’s commissioning of what it is you do in the Kingdom of GOD. Make certain it is authentic! 

When you pray [asking from your lower position to a higher one] believe you receive, doubt not in your heart [the center, the core of your being].

Having received your “Anointing” you are now “Anointed.”

Walk in that thing for which you were “Anointed.”

It is just that simple.

 *According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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