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My Why – An Observation

In response to another’s observation regarding why a “Tea Party” for north Texas.

President Lincoln penned that the US is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. His assumption was this government was established in 1776. From then to now, there have arisen politicians that would rather take money from the citizens and spend that money for the sake of spending. If the citizens in our district do not step up and speak out, then the spenders have won.

Our future is being mortgaged away. Spendthrift politicians have become more interested in what they can spend now. Taking money with no plan, no intention, to pay back is criminal … unless you are in Washington, DC.

Fiscal conservatism needs to return to Washington. I am thankful that it is growing stronger in Austin. We can stand greater fiscal controls in county and municipal government.

Government is not the end-all, cure-all, be-all that some have said it should be. No, our government is supposed to be minimal and unobtrusive. The US Constitution should be read in its entirety to the Houses of Congress at the beginning of each session and at the return of any break. Some seem to have forgotten why they are in Washington.

Individual freedoms are slowly being eroded away by vocal special interest groups that are more interested in what they can control rather than what is right. The USA is not any other country. Our model of government is different on purpose. We are not a nation with a sovereign dictating to us how we should live. We are a nation of sovereign individuals who cede some of our sovereignty in recognition of our neighbor’s sovereignty and they ours. We are a nation of equals working together for a common whole. There is no caste or socio-politico-economic barriers that cannot be passed through hard work and effort on the part of the individual. The USA is not socialist Europe. Our European forefathers wisely chose not to follow that model. Our forefathers from other parts of the world fled other nations and governments for a nation that has at its core an “American Dream.” Home of the free, land of the brave … daring to believe in thinking for themselves a government of the people, made by the people, for those very same people.

My ‘why.’

For more of my thoughts on government, follow this link: https://docrogerswrites.wordpress.com/category/political/

Reference link: http://northtexasteaparty.org/why/

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