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Three things:
1. He who holds the key to the House of David is Jesus Christ.
2. What He opens no one can shut; what He shuts no one can open. And, He is about to open those things He has prophesied.
3. What is God’s is God’s; give to Him what is due.

Isaiah 22.22
The key of the House of David is on His shoulder
•Responsibility, authority to use
•Commissioned, authorized to do
So shall He open, and none can shut
He shall shut, and none can open

Revelation of John 3.7-8
He who has the key of David (did not relinquish)
He who opens and no one can shut
He who closes and no one can open.
I know your works
I have set an open door, no one can shut. And open door (opportunity) before you.

Matthew 16.19
Jesus will give to His Ecclesia (called out) the keys to His kingdom
-Bind, it is bound
-Loose, it is loosed

The One who was prophesied to have the key to the Kingdom of David declares He is opening the door no one can shut. A judgment and an opportunity is coming.

Those things He said He would do is about to happen; both good and bad, blessing and cursing. No one can shut what He has opened.

Once it starts, it starts…

The door to those things God has prophesied would occur will open in 2022, and no one will be able to stop it.

While the door is open, repent. Perhaps the God of the Bible will hear your prayer and forgive you.

A time is coming when He will shut the door to those whose hearts are not His. They will be cut off with no hope. They will have no part of His kingdom.

Luke 20.22
Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not?

Those whose minds are in this world will try to trap the Church with seemingly twisty questions. Is it right to give to the government what is the government? Is it right to give to the Church what is God’s?
Jesus answered them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s.”

It is time this year to give to God what is God’s. And, do not withhold.

What God said is His He will expect to receive from those who are called His.

What God turns out, cuts off, shuts the door on, will not succeed. It will be cut off from Him.

Repent. Mourn for those who have no hope. Intercede while you still can.

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