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Palm Sunday has been celebrated by Christians as a triumphal day. The day the King of the Jews came into Jerusalem. While it was a triumphal day, it was a day that was more an example of Man seeking an earthly solution, an earthly savior, rather than a savior who was and is God, the Creator of the Universe. The deliverer they wanted is not the delivered they got, and five days later they are shouting “crucify him, crucify him”, because he confronted their hearts and not the Romans.


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Old family photos
Wrinkled and faded with time
Old family photos
Faces staring back at me

Moments captured
Frozen faces from times gone by
Moments captured
Snippets of who they were once

Time held still, fixed on paper
Halides holding images of life
Souls stolen for a moment
Transfixed by lens and chemistry

Old family photos
Wrinkled bits of tin type
Sepia colors in washed out faces
Stuck and still until the flash subsides

Old family photos
People like you and me
Sitting or standing
Moments from their lives captured

So real yet untouchable
Imploring eyes rushed to make a moment
Sit here, look there, hold, flash, done
A family memory of their when now ours.

Robert Lee_Emmie Jewell_Snow_c.1925

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“Where is your faith?” It is a really good question. Do you know what it is? Do you know where it is? Most people will answer quoting a scripture as their definition. Some will go so far as to describe what it is they are doing as evidence of their faith and not know what faith is. “Faith” was a pretty strong word until it lost its depth. Jesus was quoted in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 8, as asking this question: “Where is your faith?” It is a good question to ask.


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