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Here’s a thought:
The people who manage the White House by cancelling WH tours, are they trying to create an even greater separation of the Presidency from the American people… for whom the POTUS supposedly works?

When the public servant and those who work for said servant forget for whom they work oligarchy, aristocracy, and tyranny are waiting in the shadows and the People for whom they work have become mere vassals of the State.

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To write, to pen, to consider…

Just thinking, as I do upon occasion, on writing. Today, on journaling, one’s personal diaries of thoughts, desires, and deeds. What is the value of writing out one’s thoughts. The ‘diary’ is not just a teen-aged girl’s documentary of travails. Admirals and generals and great persons of noted character journaled. John and Abigail Addams journaled in their literal conversations: he at the Capital, she at home in Massachusetts. Journaling can be somewhat the ‘pensieve’ of JK Rowling’s wizards in Harry Potter’s world: pulling out a thought with the wooden stick for later review.

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