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Chapter 1 from “Reasonable Service”
See link to publisher on Books tab.

I wrote this question as a paper once. It seemed reasonable to me to ask ministers of the gospel what they thought was reasonable service, and I approached the question that way: what should be considered reasonable service for those who are called to or wanted to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.  After my research, I came up with a paper I thought really touched on and spoke to the subject. I received a good grade and compliment for my paper. I was satisfied with the work I did then.


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I started out my online art as a writer. As it turns out my visual art has also found an audience online. I have a point of presence on See.Me (davedocrogers.see.me). At first it was just a place to put some interesting pieces of visual art, until I was invited to participate in a showing in NYC. That show, Creatives Rising, runs through Oct 5th, 2013, and caps the show with a projection of art onto a 42 story skyscraper. My piece is time slotted for 1031p ET. So, if you are in Queens go see the show and have fun at the block party.

As it turns out, I have had really positive feedback on my visual art. Nice. And thank you! And I received an invitation to participate with the Art Takes Paris show. Nice again.

This time around there is a show coming to Miami. You guessed it, Art Takes Miami.

Within the See.Me community how they gauge participation in special feature events is through the number of support clicks the artist or art receives. This is done through the “Support Me” button. There is a registration, I think. It keeps the roboto clicks to a minimum, so it is real people not a computer liking the art.

So, visit davedocrogers.see.me and click the “Support Me” button and help me get into additional shows and special events showings. I appreciate you and your support of my surprise-to-me talent with visual art. They will only tally support clicks from October 1 – 31.


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The objective of network marketing is marketing through your network. Sounds too simple, wot?

Any business you build will be just as big as you see it is. Do you have a $40 business, a $400 business, a $1,000,000 business?

Your perspective determines your outcome.

You could be an independent business owner with Team BeachBody, be a Plantinum Presenter, but if you only see your business as a $39.95 business, that is all it ever will be.

You could be an independent business owner with Fortune High Tech Marketing and be connected with all of the right organizations, but if you only see your business as a $400 business, that is all it ever will be.

Find out who is making the most in your prospective business venture. That is how big the business really is.

Team BeachBody is a $750,000+ annual income business; if you will believe that.

Fortune High Tech Marketing is a $3,600,000+ annual income business; if you will believe that.

Don’t believe that? Okay.
You have two choices:
– Call me on it and I will introduce you to the people who can validate what I said.
– Continue believing what you believe and gain nothing.

I was asked why? Here’s my answer. I hope it fits.
Glad you asked!

The missed trick in network marketing is networking. Sounds odd yet true.

As to why do two? Mostly my wife, really, and they are no brainers.
– Do you workout? Do you use suppplements? Do you workout at home? As part of a class? Do you know someone who does? You can help them fund their passion or help them fund more time or more money, or both; and, help yourself in the process. Get three and help them get three. It multiplies as quickly as you work it.

– Do you have high speed internet, cable, satellite, mobile phone, home security, dine out, et cetera? Know anybody who does? Do the companies they buy from pay them? Why not get paid for services you or your family are already using? Get three and help them get three. It multiplies as quickly as you work it.

I have met people in both groups and an Amway millionaire. He bought me dinner and I let him. 🙂 Their success came from their persistance and the right vehicle. If you have any sales skills at all you can sell anything to anyone, but if you have the right vehicle, the business sustains itself.

I am not as successful at both as I will be. I still spend too much time working for someone else’s dream. But one day, I will be working 100% on my dream and helping others find the same freedom.

Friend, what about you? What gets you up everyday?


link: https://docrogerswrites.wordpress.com/fortune/
link: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/docrogers

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The original link to this video is below but that page is no longer supported, so I did some digging and updated this post. There are some additional links added below the original.

My intent by this is not to counter-bash the homosexual agenda. Nope. My intent is to stop the requirement that everyone must accept the homosexual agenda just because they want it so. Where does it say I must in the US Constitution? I have several copies. I cannot find where I am required to like or support someone else’s ideals just because they have them. I see where the US Constitution says they can have them. They can even peacefully assemble and discuss them. But, I do not see where I am required to like, support, affirm, attend, adhere to, or in any other way acknowledge their agenda or belief. I can and do acknowledge their right and privilege to have such beliefs within the USA and under our US Constitution. It does not mean I support what they are doing.

In fact, I have never required anyone to adhere to or otherwise support my beliefs. I have never required anyone to like or accept Jesus as Savior or Lord. I sure wish they would, but I have never ‘required’ or forced anyone to accept my ideals. So, why should I accept theirs? There seems to be a double standard. Could it be that within our beliefs that we acknowledge certain lifestyles are immoral, sin, and acts against the God of the Bible? Could it be that those practitioners of said lifestyles have a tinge of guilt and it adds to their doubts that others do not accept them? Too bad.

Look, if certain segments have self-acceptance issues and their only self-justification comes from requiring others to accept their behaviors as normal, not going to happen. I do not have to accept what you do as normal. I have no obligation anywhere that says I must. So, get over yourselves, politely, and let me and mine alone. Thanks!

I am finding it difficult to believe this censorship. Amazing.

New links to the same story.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ootrp7KSZDg (part 1 of 7)

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Little reminder … I write…

In general:
Goes to all my writings

Politicallly or socially themed … sign of the times …

“Essays: Roe v Wade Was Political Expediency”

“Essays: The Marketing of An American President”

“Essays: Some Irritating Things About Judeo-Christianity”

“Short Story: Sister Lizzy”

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought about them!
Not all of my writings are thought heavy. Just some.

¡Bien Provecho! Cena para pensada.


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