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It has been a known statistic in the United States that the top 5% of income producers, the wealthiest people in America, own or control 95% of the wealth of the United States. Now there is a report via BBC News that the top 2% of the richest on planet Earth, the wealthiest people in the world, own or control more than half of the planet’s wealth.  The source for this shocking statistic comes from a study conducted by the United Nations’ World Institute for Development Economics Research. Another shocking statistic is the poorest 50% does not own 1% of the planet’s wealth.

Now before everyone gets all bolshevik or révolutionaire and wealth redistribution balances the planet’s wealth, we should find out how it was that the top 2% came to control so much wealth. Is there a duplicatable secret to wealth accumulation that can perhaps be taught? The cited report notes that 90% of the planet’s wealth is located in industrial or post-industrial nations of Europe, North America, Australia, and the Pacific Rim nations like Japan, South Korea, and the Chinas.

Europe, North America, Australia, and the Pacific Rim power trio are the nation’s that developed industrial technologies or duplicated industrial technologies and marketed them as necessary conveniences to a global market. The goods and services were bartered for material wealth, mineral wealth, real wealth, and currency exchanges. The upper echelons of currency and material wealth have directed the flow of goods and services toward their holdings. The limited population of wealth controllers have directed the flow of goods and services into new markets or pulled natural resources out of developing nations.

In the United States it has become argumentative to increase the tax or to decrease the tax on the wealthiest businesses or individuals. Again, I will say we should find out how they came to amass such fortunes before it is decided to take all of their wealth and redistribute it to the ‘masses.’ Why? Because the mindset that pulled all of that wealth together in the first place will find a way to pull all of that wealth back together again. Another negative from history is there have been people groups that had radical wealth exchanges back to the ‘masses’ – unfortunately for the masses, they remained serfs and peasants while a new ruling elite became the wealth managers.

Before wealth redistribution becomes ‘chic’ or trendy, it behooves us as intelligent humans to find out how the rich got rich, got richer, and stay rich. Wealth in the hands of the money management ignorant does not stay with them for very long. It is known that most lottery winners do not have their money 5 to 10 years after they win the lottery. Why is that? Education and attitude. Most of Earth’s established wealthy have educated themselves in how to attain and retain income beyond expenses. Most of Earth’s established wealthy are personally driven to compete and succeed with intensity in their niche. Most of the lottery winners are educated in paycheck-to-paycheck subsistence to a company and spending what they have on what they want. That kind of spending is why the United States created the Social Security Act, because too many were not creating any kind of income stream or savings for their senior, non-productive years.

There is another factor that comes into play. Personality. It is not everyone’s personality to be some completely obsessed and ruthless to achieve absolute success at such an extremely high level as to be a top 1% contributor – a hyper, type A personality.

We, the people of Earth, need these hyper type-A driven personalities to build revenue streams, production, and new technologies or industries. Amazon, Facebook, and Google are good examples of driving an idea until fruitful. There are other industries as well. Those who create and drive these industries should be rewarded, but not at the expense of the persons creating the products of those industries or the persons buying those products.

Disrespect for humanity has led to unionization of companies where the leadership barely has any voice in the control of the company and that disrespect for humanity has also led to the nationalization of those companies. Neither scenario is good for Humanity or the drivers of the original ideas.

A fair and even taxation of all citizens is preferable to a sliding scale of caveats and special considerations. Let the wealthy have their wealth. It motivates some to find that new thing that will create a new industry or revitalize an older one in a new and interesting way. It also puts capital in the hands of innovators who find and fund new and interesting ways of generating more capital. But, compensate fairly and appropriately those that produce the goods and services, and even allow for achievers to share in the accumulation of wealth.

Now I do not condone bread and circuses. The Judeo-Christian Bible says if you do not work – add value, produce a good or service, generate a revenue stream – you do not eat. There is no free lunch, no government cheese or largesse. If you can work or produce you should work or produce. If you do not because you cannot, those who have should help through non-profit and faith-based initiatives – not a government hand-out. If you do not because you choose not to work or produce then you should reap every benefit your productivity affords you … basically, nothing.

My own research into the top income and revenue producers has shown that it is the combination of education, attitude, individual effort, and hyper-tenacity that produces results in the top 1% of whatever endeavor it is that the hyper-type-A personality chooses to do.

Just do it.

link: UN University WIDE

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Halloween = All Hallows’ Eve … which is the day before All Saints Day which was a Roman Catholic caveat to the pagan Celts to get them to do something else besides SamHain and variants.

The jack-o-lantern was a Celt token showing the passing demons that this house already had a demon.

Dressing up as scary things is acting out the demons passing by, and if you did not have a ‘treat’ to appease them they would curse you, “trick”.

Now some will say that it is just a bunch of fun for kids and adults who want to be kids … unless your ‘pagan’ … which is a Euro-descended non-Christian theist, then it is SamHain or another name and your high holy day. Euro-celt, pre-christian version of thanking the gods for a good harvest or for blessing them as they stole a harvest from somebody else <nords and vikings>.

Halloween / All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints Day have very little to do with Christianity. It is Euro-Christianity appeasement. Which might be why Christianity is a decling religion in European nations. Compromise with the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible is not an option. It is His way or no way at all.

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The Huffington Post published an article, “Which God Blesses America.” I do not think I will get any compensation by its mention, but having read the article at the propmotion of a friend, I found it atheistic, somewhat controversial, and self promoting. The article writers have a book on the subject.

The writers, Paul Froese and Christopher Bader, take a critical look at the political use of saying “God” or “God bless America.” My own observation on the phrase is if it is just a sentence it is meaningless. If if is a request to someone who is able to fulfill the request – as in “God, bless America” – then there is merit to the request. But the article really does not say to which deity is being referred.

The article takes an atheistic analysis of “God” in the Amercian culture – incidently, to hawk their book. “God” as defined in general within the article is some intangible deific entity that may or may not interact but the mere mention of his name in politics is enough to cause confusion. They should have further defined their use of the word ‘god’ – which has European origins.

The US is a polytheistic nation. Freedom of religion within the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to have or not to have a deity/deities. What is not stated is the demographic mix of those observing specific religious practice. The largest demographic would be the entirity of Christians in the US; thus a reference to ‘God bless America’ and a concern whether the POTUS is Christian or Muslim.
What drives more Christian concern, thus driving toward the Republican party, is the position of the Democratic party and others in regards to Judeo-Christian doctrines. While the Republican party is not fully aligned with Judeo-Christian principles, it is closer for those who are conservative in their Christianity, in their outlook toward government, and in their regard toward the rule of law. These things are not held so strongly currently be the vocal members of the Democratic party – where a minority of more vocal … dare I say … radicals are currently holding sway.
Since there are many ‘gods’ or deities observed [or not observed] in the USA, it would simplify things for many if writers of rhetoric, argument, and articles would define just what and who they mean when they say “God.” I am certain that the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, Jesus, and me would appreciate it. He is tired of getting a bad rep for other deities’ sloppy work.

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A friend of mine sent me this link to a video of US Rep Michelle Bachman (R-MN) discussing the currying of favor by individuals and their success through their US Representative or Senator. Is that what our country has become?

Link: Gangster Government

What Rep Bachmann describes is not a constitutional republic or democracy. What Rep Bachmann describes is an aristocratic oligarchy of autarchs who laud out favors as liege lords. Sad if this is continually allowed to exist. Break out your dictionary if that did not make sense. You need to know what people in your community are doing to garner special favors from their liege lords … I mean US Representatives and Senators.

These people in Congress enjoy multi-year terms and a certain level of expectation that there is not enough dissatisfaction with what they are doing to get them fired: aka, unelected. They can easily become or develop the mentality that they are the new aristocracy and in office for life. In many ways they already are. They determine their own pay raises and make you pay for it out of your taxes. They determine what you can and cannot do. In several instances, they do not apply to themselves the rules they apply to you.

If, as Ms Bachmann asserts, an autarch … sorry, a US Representative or Senator can go to a private or nationalized corporation and exert their influence to give favor, what does that say of our national government?

My question is – as we come to the elections this November 2nd – what are we willing to tolerate?

Do we pursue with vigor a conservative, constitutional republic as the Tea-Partiers promote, or do we tolerate the status quo and sit in the pot as the water slowly comes to a boil as toads oblivious to the heat?

There is a lot of reflection back to the Federalist Papers and other writings of the Founding Fathers. What is most often missed is the seriousness of their commitment. Failure menat their certain and public death. Failure meant their families’ certain enslavement or public death. All of their property, inherited heirlooms, and future were forfeit at failure. I argue that there would be many Tories and Loyalists numbered among those supposing leadership today.

What price victory? All, sir. All.

Please reread your US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. They are worthwhile to read and know. Do not guess or lean to opinion. Know the matter yourself and argue the same. If you do not, there is a description from the Judeo-Christian Bible where Samuel the prophet tells the people about the kindness of kings. Absolute rulers only take. They do not give.

If you do not stand at the cost of a little inconvenience now, you may not have a choice in your inconveniences later.

Go vote.

Cross posted from: Dallas Church and State Examiner

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HR 4646-The “Trojan Horse” Tax – DJohn – Open Salon [open.salon.com ]

As many of you know recent polls show an utter mistrust between the citizens of this great country and its government. The reasons for this are many and another one has just reared its ugly head: HR 4646-The Debt Free America Act.
link: http://open.salon.com/blog/djohn/2010/09/28/hr_4646-the_trojan_horse_tax


Commentary by Dave “Doc” Rogers, c.20101001

This is a variation on VAT but it targets specifically banking transactions; which is easy enough since most people use their debit/check cards rather than credit or cash.

Who gets hurt by this initially? Resellers do. Infrastructure and reporting changes will be added costs to an already margin stripped business economy. Reduced margins means lower to no profits. Lower to no profits means: can’t buy, can’t invest, can’t hire. Ultimately, it means more businesses close.

Who else gets hurt by this? The Consumer. The costs of infrastructure and upgrades will be passed to the consumer who will pay more for products and services they are already buying less of. Higher costs on reduced available income means fewer purchases. There is an economic spiral downwards that begins to occur at this point. Not buying so less sold so less made so less needed made so less employed so less money available to buy so less sold … until collapse.

What else can happen with this? More uncontrolled spending with an easy taxation generation vehicle in place. With the way this Congress and current Exec Admin like to spend money that isn’t there to spend, a hidden tax vehicle like the one descirbed will give Congress and the Treasury a slider they can pull anytime they need more revenue. That is until the system breaks due to impeded cashflow.

Our economy in the USA is built upon the exchange of trade goods and services. Without this exchange or flow of goods and services the system collapses in due course. Any onerous taxation, fines, tarrifs, etc placed on the system will eventually strangle the system like weeds in a flower bed.

An unrestrained government is a bane upon the people they govern. A restrained government is a boon to the people who govern the government. If the average citizen does not take ownership of their citizenship and govern as detailed by the current US Constitution, then they will be governed by those who seek to rewrite the US Constitution in a manner benefitting those who will govern. The choice is simple. Govern or be governed. Own your citizenship or become the vassal to the State.

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