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When all of the things in which you hoped one by one fail you, what now?

When the going gets tougher than what you thought you were tough enough for, what now?

When ‘faith’ seems only a word for Sundays and Wednesdays, what now?

When all that is left is also taken away, what now?

All you are left with is what is real. Some people do not understand this.

I have been left with or down to only what is real several times in my life. It makes  you find out what is truly important. Success appears to be something that happens to other people. Good fortune does not seem to land on your door step. What do you do? Breathe.

God (of Israel, father of Jesus Christ) has taken those moments when all else fails me and showed me He is able. All that I have received in life that is good has come through Him. He has used strangers. He has used friends. He has used acquaintances. He has caused favor to show up. Events just happen to fall rightly into place. Things that should not have worked do. And money from unexpected sources.

Yes, God has shown Himself able and real. So the “what now?” question is not a negative, but a looking forward with expectation of a good result: also known as hope.

To some “what now?” is a negative question to the vacuous void of emptiness. “What are you going to take next? What are you going to do to me and mine next? What other lack or detriment are you going to do now?” Some people have no hope, no thing or no one in which to place hope, confidence, trust, earnest expectation of a good result. No, they are looking into the void of absence and decrying their losses and look with earnest expectation for the next thing to come along and take away from them and theirs.

How do people live like that? They don’t. They just breathe and walk one more step to the end of this life. Empty.

While having many of the same experiences as the hopeless or hopeful in negative results, I have met the real God and He gave me promises that do not match my circumstances. So, my “what now?” is Abraham’s obedience to offer Isaac on mount Moriah and telling Isaac God will provide His own offering. My “what now?” is Isaac’s obedience to stay in the land of promise during a famine and sow seed for a crop just because God said so. My “what now?” is Joseph’s steadfast trust in the God of his fathers that those dreams he had were not just dreams but future events even though Joseph was the least of his brothers, sold as a slave by his cousins, falsely accused and imprisoned.

Am I to be numbered among these men of faith from history and the Holy Bible? That is up to God as He writes my living history. All I can say for certain right now is this. My “what now?” is an earnest expectation of a good result toward those things that He said I would do if I only believed Him. And I do.

Trust with God is many times blind. We do not see the end result. We may not even see the next step. But, God is not asking us to see, analyze, assess, essay, reckon, cognate, compute, or come to possibilities of conclusion regarding where we are going or our next step. He is only asking us to blindly trust Him as a child blindly trusts a parent and know that God has nothing but goodness in store for us.

With outstretched hands a parent encourages the little child to let go and take those first steps. With trepidation and some fear, the child lets go, steps, and falls. The parent rushes forward and praises the child for failing; or did the child fail? In the same way, God wants us to take those steps of trust (aka. faith) even if we fail… this time. It is pertinent to note, most of us learned to walk just this way.

So, what is your “what now?”

Are you looking for loss? Or, are you now looking for the God of Israel to be your God through Jesus Christ and looking with earnest expectation that this “current” thing is a just passing through and you have an earnest expectation of a good result coming through the hand of God in your life?

I know where I am in that question. Do you?

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