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The objective of network marketing is marketing through your network. Sounds too simple, wot?

Any business you build will be just as big as you see it is. Do you have a $40 business, a $400 business, a $1,000,000 business?

Your perspective determines your outcome.

You could be an independent business owner with Team BeachBody, be a Plantinum Presenter, but if you only see your business as a $39.95 business, that is all it ever will be.

You could be an independent business owner with Fortune High Tech Marketing and be connected with all of the right organizations, but if you only see your business as a $400 business, that is all it ever will be.

Find out who is making the most in your prospective business venture. That is how big the business really is.

Team BeachBody is a $750,000+ annual income business; if you will believe that.

Fortune High Tech Marketing is a $3,600,000+ annual income business; if you will believe that.

Don’t believe that? Okay.
You have two choices:
– Call me on it and I will introduce you to the people who can validate what I said.
– Continue believing what you believe and gain nothing.

I was asked why? Here’s my answer. I hope it fits.
Glad you asked!

The missed trick in network marketing is networking. Sounds odd yet true.

As to why do two? Mostly my wife, really, and they are no brainers.
– Do you workout? Do you use suppplements? Do you workout at home? As part of a class? Do you know someone who does? You can help them fund their passion or help them fund more time or more money, or both; and, help yourself in the process. Get three and help them get three. It multiplies as quickly as you work it.

– Do you have high speed internet, cable, satellite, mobile phone, home security, dine out, et cetera? Know anybody who does? Do the companies they buy from pay them? Why not get paid for services you or your family are already using? Get three and help them get three. It multiplies as quickly as you work it.

I have met people in both groups and an Amway millionaire. He bought me dinner and I let him. 🙂 Their success came from their persistance and the right vehicle. If you have any sales skills at all you can sell anything to anyone, but if you have the right vehicle, the business sustains itself.

I am not as successful at both as I will be. I still spend too much time working for someone else’s dream. But one day, I will be working 100% on my dream and helping others find the same freedom.

Friend, what about you? What gets you up everyday?


link: https://docrogerswrites.wordpress.com/fortune/
link: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/docrogers

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On a day officially set aside by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, we honor the memory of the settlers of Plymouth Massachusetts who set aside a time to give thanks unto their god for the many blessings they received from the natives of America, from the land itself, and from the hand of providence so graciously provided by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through Jesus our Christ.

Today, set aside some time to review with those who are dearest to you those things you are most thankful for. And do not fail to remember that it is the God of the Bible that has given you the power to gain the wealth of family, friends, blessings, and things.

Enjoy your feasting and football today. May your day be filled with thanksgiving and many additional reasons for giving thanks.

As you go through your day, also ask the Lord God to bless our men and women in harm’s way, in foreign fields serving this nation of blessing. Ask the Lord to bless those who are without and lacking in the good things you enjoy.

I thank my God for each and everyone of you. I thank Him that He is able to bless you, keep you, and increase you in a measure of Himself.

Be well. Be blessed in Jesus’ Name.

Dave Doc Rogers

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By Dave Doc Rogers
© 20091125

She shivered a bit. It was late. It was dark. It was cold. She was told this was the place to be. She was scared. She had never just gone with a guy she didn’t really know, and now she was. The car pulled up. It was late model, the current trend car. Someone had money, she thought. She stepped into the illumination of the street light. She saw him lean over and pushed the door open.

“Awesome! Get in! You’ve got to be cold.”

She nodded as she adjusted her cowl and cape against the weather. She stepped carefully over the wet sidewalk onto the road. She could see him better now. He smiled showing his fangs. She smiled back as she pulled open the car door.

“This is going to be an awesome party. I am glad you decided to come.”

She looked back at him clicking her seatbelt in place. “Thank you for inviting me.” He was dressed in black and charcoal with hints of blood purple for accents. His hair was jet black except for a streak of white and purple mixed. His make-up gave him a smoky ash hue. He looked hot, she decided. Maybe this won’t be such a risk after all. She let her mind wander a bit, imagining, as he shifted the car into gear and pressed the accelerator.

It descended through the trees all the while locking its eyes on the female attempting to hide near hedges. She had her back to the building as if to make herself shadow. But to this predator she stood out vibrant and hot. Anticipation was building. A car pulled up. The one in the car was dark. It only gave off a faint glow. This one had the ‘taint’ about it. Better to wait and watch, it decided. The car door opened slightly. The female rewrapped her cloak about her and walked into the street. She stepped around the car and got in. In just a moment the car sped away down the street. Curiosity overcame hunger and it followed the car.

The music could easily be heard from the street. Aleister quickly ran around the car and opened the door for Leticia. Her black and crimson cloak suited her well. Her pallor and death stair excited him. She had not been boasting when he was teasing her at the coffee shop. She was really into this. They would be such the epitome of the Dark. This was leading up to being a great evening out. They had even timed it right for a midnight entrance. 

The vibration of the music started to penetrate them as they walked up the flights of stairs. The sixth floor was chosen for it significance as well as it was a large empty former office space. They said that a murder was committed here when it was an office. Someone had stressed out and went postal killing one, wounding others, before turning the gun on himself. They were hoping to tap into that energy and ‘edge’ through the night.

It had floated along after the car, driven by curiosity more than anything else. It passed by others feeding but did not stop. The thrill of the unknown had supplanted other more natural desires. For the moment. In the distance, it could hear the sounds of deep electronic drumming to an aerobic beat. The car was headed to where it was strongest. The car it had been following came to a stop among other cars. Some were warmer than others. Others showed the cool blues of having been here too long. The dark one got out of the car and opened the door for the female. She was still radiant. It fluttered down close and followed them to the building.

The female shuttered slightly as it stepped in close to her. Noiselessly it followed them up the six flights of steps. The pounding of the bass drum sent echoes through its being. The rhythm became its own intoxicant. Soon it was drawn to the spots on the floor. Bits of splatter remained. A slight taint of life remained where several were shot. A bigger spot was found where one of the victims had expired while first aid was being attempted. A shiver went through the creature. There was a faint shimmer of life still in the spot where the shooter committed suicide. As the people moved out of the way, it was able to see the glimmer of the man. His shade. His ghost still standing there. Still holding a gun. Still trying to end it all. As it reached out to touch it, to taste its pain, it felt a shimmer of a drain run through it.

The creature stopped to sense the air to see what had happened. It slowly turned, scanning the crowd around. It locked eyes with the female it had followed earlier. Her black and crimson cloak had opened and her cowl rested on her shoulders. The green eyes stared at it in hunger. The crimson-auburn hair hinted at the life flowing through the veins. The pale skin gave off an aroma of purity. The dress was gauzy thin. The heat of the female was maddening. It lunged for her.

The young man stepped in the way. It circled around the male when a strong hand grasped it and held it in place. It was shoved into the male’s space. The female drove them both back to a wall. She fell on the male’s neck but pierced the skin of the creature. It could feel the life force draining out of it. The male shuddered in his excitement. The female held them both there until she was finished.

The male smiled down at her. She really did know how to hunt wampyr and would let him taste death. His soul became darker. His taste for death just became an addiction.

She smiled back. She knew the lust in the young man. She wanted him now and badly. He was dark but not dark enough. He needed more death seasoning.

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An article by FoxNews.com speaks to the spending that has accrued to Mr. Obama’s administration since taking office. Follow the link below to go to the article.

My point:
Not mentioned in this article is both Houses of Congress put together, approved, and sent to the WH for a signature all of the spending requests. Sure, Mr. Obama carries part of the blame. Chiefest blame lands squarely on Pelosi and Byrd who bully pulpitted the legislation through.

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/11/24/obama-shatters-spending-record-year-presidents/


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US National Debt Unsustainable yet Reid Bill Passes to Senate

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300 Mill citizens paying for 12G$ [giga or trillion] of debt or 39k$ per citizen or 110k$ per taxpayer

106G$ in total unfunded liabilities or 344k$ per citizen

1.876G$ in total tax revenue [the income for US Fed govt]

US Fed spending in nearly double income – the growing debt load is nearing 7x income … THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE!!

Source: http://www.usdebtclock.org/U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

The US House of Representatives and the US Senate have developed legislation that is unfunded and unsustainable under the current tax base for national income. Both Dem controlled houses have pushed healthcare spending bills that are destined to further increase the national debt. The only options for paying this debtload is to default, devalue, or increase taxes. We may see all three.

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Christianity without the good news is only bad news. And, who would want that?

Jesus said He came to give life, and that more abundantly. Jesus said He came to proclaim the good news to the poor, healing, loosing the bound, mending the broken, those deaf will hear, those blind will see … He even went so far as to say “If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it for you.”

Too many have heard and believed another gospel where good news is not really, that suffering is paramount, and that victory goes to the perseverant in the sweet bye and bye.

Wouldn’t it be just sad if the God of Jerusalem made it where we are supposed to rule and reign and humanity did was drool and feign. Sad in deed.

I will go with Joshua’s stance on this subject. As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord.

What did Jesus have to say on the subject of suffering?

In one translation He is quoted as saying ‘suffer the children to come unto me.’ Maybe there will be things in this life you just have to deal with.

Suffering might mean the loss of your will to gain trust in His.

Does one have to ‘suffer’ through maladies, illness, strife, envy, et cetera … not necessarily, but if they persecuted the prophets they will persecute you too.

Suffering is perspective adjusting to God’s will. It doesn’t necessarily require pain, just permission.

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