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Part 2 in the series “Why You Should Not Elect Me President”

Have Congress and POTUS lost their senses? I keep seeing texts and articles on the subject of debt ceiling increases and proposed tax increases. I have to question the sanity of our elected officials. How sane is it to look into an empty sack and say there is more in there? Yet that is exactly what Congress has been doing since the surplus of the early 00’s.

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Now WordPress – the host of my main blog – has a sharing feature, so I can increase my splash in social media. This may sound braggadocious, but it is about getting read. It is why I started this in the first place. So, thanks WordPress and a big thank you to all who have read my stuff.


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Many times this teaching gets pushed out of proper alignment by ‘get rich’ theology. They teach it as if it is ‘get rich for my own good.’ But, that was not and is not God’s perspective on why He gave us the power to get wealth. There is a purpose to it. (See Deut 8.18)

1. Live well. Yup, that is one of the things that wealth is for; but not the only thing about wealth and why He wants us to have.

2. Establish His covenant. Even if you are a complete loser, God will bless you if you obey His bible. Because, God promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob He would bless their descendants if they obeyed. He is more concerned about His promise being fulfilled. Those in Christ are adopted into the family through Jesus.

3. There are things to do with the increase. God never told any of Adam’s descendants to stop doing the original mandate: tend the garden, have dominion over everything, have rule over it, prosper what you are tending and dominating, and multiply that… fill up the whole Earth. You can’t do that if you are broke.

4. A sign and a witness: why would anyone follow Jesus if they have to give up everything and live as paupers? Answer: they wouldn’t. There is a false teaching out there that to come to Christ and be in God’s family you have to be broke, poor, and have nothing. That is not very biblical, but some have made a popular theology out of it. It is a lie. There were many who were prospering because of their trust, obedience, … dare I say faith, in God. Paul wrote about several who supported him as he traveled and when he couldn’t make tents.

5. God has an agenda of His own. Yes, one of the reasons for wealth is God’s own agenda and He wants to share that with us… with you; if you will let him. I say, “Come on wid’it, God. Let’s see what we can do together.”

“’nuff said.” (Borrowed from Stan Lee, comic book legend)

It all starts with actually calling to God, the Holy One of Israel, through Jesus Christ. I know what most of you are thinking and you’d be wrong. Test Him in it and find out for sure. Just call out. He has your number.

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A man’s wealth should not be counted in stuff, things he has accumulated,┬ábut in those dearest to him, those he calls friends.

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While a shooting war was being fought on other fronts, another type of warfare was being conducted in the British Isles; a war of words and feints. In the east, men and machinery were being moved around. The men were real. The machinery was tarps, plywood, and inflatables that looked like an army massing for invasion. Even the communication traffic gave every indication that Calais was to be the target of invasion. Meanwhile, the real efforts and movements were kept closely guarded secrets.

The best scientists, meteorologists, and strategists were all at work in offices hidden well below street levels; using technologies only hinted at and rarely imagined. Senior command officers and strategists were pouring over maps and details with intensity. The decisions were made, finalized, and approved. A “D-Day” was set.


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