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It was nearly Passover. The city was stirred up. Roman security was at high alert. A Nazarene jew had been judged, beaten, and condemned to die a terrible death. The morning had been filled with throngs following the Nazarene carpenter teacher from one judgment to the next.

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Yes, interesting. Isn’t it?
Years of study, years of prayer, years of preparation, years of want to … and no one was asking. Interesting.
I even started my own local church but no one wanted to show up. My wife even wanted to go somewhere else because she missed being around people on Sundays. That’s funny to me now; frustrating then.
Now it seems that someone has asked … on purpose asked … me to preach / teach from the Word of God. Cool. Yes, a very understated ‘cool.’
I am not excited about the opportunity to preach. I never liked getting up in front of people in the first place. But,… if I can take a moment of the audience’s attention and tell them convincingly about Jesus and the goodness of the God of Israel … well, in terms of speaking the English language, it doesn’t get better than this.
So, this Sunday morning I get the awesome opportunity to preach/teach on prayer because that is what I was asked to teach on. I know something on the subject but I asked God moreso what He would like me to touch on. I will be a mail man, delivering a personal note from God to those who hear my words. I ask you to help me pray through that lives will be touched and changed, that the real GOD of Israel touches the lives of people through the work that Jesus did.
I appreciate your prayers and support.

Cheers! Be blessed!

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