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Finding it funny and sad watching Laodicean fence sitters’ quandry over indecision. The year 2010 will be a year of decisions. Whose side will you be on? No one will be exempt. Even the middle must decide. Hot, cold, lukewarm …

“I would you were hot or cold, but you were lukewarm so I spit you out of my mouth like tepid water.”
– Revelation of John, 3.16 … [read the rest of chatper 3]

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Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

If I should slumber throughout the night
Remind me on morrow’s light
That Jesus Christ was born this day
In a manger’s bed of hay.

He suffered and counted it loss
To bear our sins upon a cross.
And if we follow in his way
Every morning is Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

©2009 Dave Doc Rogers

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60 backpatting Senators have forgotten the 300,000,000+ other people of the USA. They voted forward a bill that multiplies the national debtload, they forgot financial responsibility to the nation, and they wish to impose a minority opinion on the majority of Americans. Merry Christmas from WDC. They will be after your presents next.

While healthcare for all people of the USA is a nice thing and a lofty purpose, it cannot come at an expense of trillion dollars of debtload. If utimately passed to the POTUS to sign [and he will] the only logical way to pay for this exorbitance is to increase the taxload on the citizenry.

Some might now say, well that is how civics works. They would be right and wrong. Yes on the process, no on whether it is the right thing to do for the nation.

A short lesson in economic filtering. You the citizen have only so much. Several get together and form a government. The government needs stuff. You and others give stuff for the managing of the government. The government provides oversight and care but does not run your affairs. Now the government says it wants to add X to what it is already doing at ??? cost. Since the government is not a producer but a consumer, it goes to the producers and asks for this ??? cost increase. The government should ask its citizens if it is willing to pay the additional ??? cost. If not, the ??? cost is assayed and spent without input from the citizens. The citizens are now told they have to pay for ??? costs whether they were asked their opinion or not. The government has become non-representative and a parasite, not just a consumer but a hoarder.

Average USA family bringing in 52,000 a year. He works. She works. They have kids, pets, house, cars. Ballpark tax, FICA, SS, etc 30% on their $1,000 per week. They keep $700 per week or $1400 every two weeks payday or 2 paydays per month on average or $2800 per month.

House 2800 – 1000 [loan + insurance] = 1800
Cars 1800 – 800 [loan + insurance] = 1000
Utilities 1000 – 400 [electricity, water, gas, telephone] = 600
Groceries 600 – 300 [conservative with kids] = 300
School lunches for kids 300 – 200 = 100
Miscellaneous spending: $100

@WDC, just where are you going to get the additional tax income?

Let’s follow a chain of events …
– Congress and POTUS increase taxation on those who cannot shelter income
– 95% of citizens have less discretionary spending $$
– 95% of citizens spend less
– Consumer goods companies projected sales and production based on 95% of citizens spending more not less
– Consumer goods companies do not sell at expected levels and cut back production
– Consumer goods companies do not need as much staffing at lower production levels
– Consumer goods companies layoff employees
– 10% of 95% now find they have no viable sources of income
– 95% of citizens spend less
– Tax base for Federal and State income decreases
– Tax base to fund programs were based on X taxable revenue and income
– Fed/State programs still spend money but more is needed so those in government vote themselves a raise and increase taxation to fund current programs, new programs, and their raises.
– Go to top and start over …

It could be just one man’s opinion but our form of government is supposed to be representative oversight to ensure all citizens have the freedom and capacity to work well together and have a process for settling grievences or disputes; our government is supposed to provide singular voice for the State or National government; our government is supposed to provice congressional representation of localities to ensure localities are represented and heard at the State or National levels; our government is supposed to provide judicial experts or persons of learning and wisdom to preside over disputes and provide arbitration or direction in adjudication at local, State, and National levels.

Somewhere those principles of sound governance were bypassed for a restatement of Eurasian aristocracy and oligarchy. [Look up those words if you do not know them. They are worth the education.] And those that are not a part of this aristocracy and oligarchy have become the new serf or peasant class.

The USA is now rife with ‘politicians for life’ … not pro-life necessarily, just in office for life. Having somehow convinced those in their constituency that they know best how to govern for those represented. Rather than requiring accountability or validation of representation, the aristocratic oligarch continues in office until health or death removes him/her.

The danger in an aristocratic oligarchy is the AO’s begin to believe they are the only ones that know best what is good for the ‘common’ citizen so the AO’s no longer seek input for governance from those who vote to keep them in office. Instead, the sycophants, the courtiers, and influencers of power are heard, because they tell the AO’s what they want to hear and fund the AO lifestyle or the next media campaign in election clothing.

To those who might be reading this, we of the USA are currently in that state of governance wherein we are governed by aristocratic oligarchs who no longer feel it is right, proper, or fitting to respond to, be accountable to, or fairly represent those who voted them into office.

It is no surprise to me that based on the prevailing sentiment of current governance that sycophants, courtiers, and influencers are looking to Eurasia for governance modeling, because under that modeling power is retained in the hands of the few over the masses, input into governance of the masses is not sought or required, and those elevated to the status of AO have become the neo-noblesse of the modern era and will remain such until deposed by the highest eschelons.

All is not lost yet. While still a representative form of government it is the duty and responsibility of every USA citizen of 18 years or older to vote, to speak up in council, to vocalize appropriately, to require accountability, to demand a response from your representative on how they have governed in your stead, or be your own Oliver Cromwell and vote them out of office. [Oliver Cromwell deposed the English government for a season]

The evil you know is not better than the evil you do not know. They are both evil.

If you do not see a good candidate for office out of those who are running or hinting at running, go find one and support that person wholeheartedly. If you can’t find one that states all you need stated, you just may be your own best candidate for office.

Many in our current US Congress do not have our best interests at heart; as evidenced by their mishandling of government trust and misspending of our taxes.

You have the opportunity to address that in 2010.

Find the candidates in your area, your locality, your State, that are going to be fiscally responsible and chiefly responsble and accountable to you.

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Find a way to win.

Sometimes winning is just not losing.

Sometimes winning is not beating the other guy but better execution.

Sometimes you have to find your own Kirk solution to the Kobiyashi Maru.

Sometimes you prepare the field before the contest – Sun Tsu.

Sometimes you go with what you know, not what they know – David ben Jesse of Israel.

Sometimes finding a way to win means slowing down to think things through.


When things get tough, grin.

When everyone else is losing their head, smile.

When everyone else is at wit’s end, laugh.

You are not them. You relish in confusion because your mind is clear. You face adversity head on because you know you are king of the challenge. You stand where others falter.

You are able to see all things as one. Nothing escapes your notice.

If one thing does not work, try another. You know there is a way. Just find it.

When I slow down I speed up.

Slow things down, think them through.

Solutions require active pursuit to find them. Sometimes they hide in plain sight.

Your strength is not their strength. Use their strength against them.

Use what you know. Use what they know against them.

Find the gap and take the advantage.

There is a way to win. Slow down. Think it through. And find it.

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What do you require of life? Are you here to let life happen to you? Or, are you here to happen to life? Tend-Dominate-Rule-Prosper-Multiply … Do you?

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Containers and Jars
by Dave Doc Rogers
© 20091206

A rhythm beats across wood and hide
Strumming guitars ride the tempo
Notes picked on steel strings
Words hang in the air just a moment
As paint is swirled on blank canvas

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