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I am disappointed and find it laughable that there are people complaining already about certain states of affair within the USA; especially from the Demophiles and Obamaphiles. Yes, I just used two new words. Feel free to use them for those who love their political party and its leader more than they love sense or their country.

The demise of the Twinkie has been in the headlines more than ineffective, overspending US governance, fiscal mismanagement in Europe, further political encroachments by China and Russia, religicide in Africa, rockets sent into Israel by Hamas terrorists hiding in playgrounds in Gaza, ineffective UN leadership, and global economic as well as ecologic challenges. But, somehow the Twinkie is more important than that.

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A question came up recently ¬†around the U.S. elections 2012. It was put forward that “for what ever reason he [God] allowed Obama to win… and His ways are not mine!” Hmm. I have a problem with that.

I do not think God (the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus, and me) allowed this election result to happen as much as I think He gave the responsibility for managing this country to us, the current day citizens of the United States of America. When the majority of those USA citizens choose someone who spends but does not lead, whose fault is that for bad governance? Certainly not God’s.

Of course a response to that counter point would be, “I am not blaming God …”


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With empty solace a pen strikes
Upon a page blank and white
A flurry of words do take flight
Not caring much who dislikes

Whimsy and want in careless plight
Desire’s passioned response caught
Scrawled in scripts quietly fought
Burning in vision, words as light

Desire spent in convulsive ire
A soul laid bare for all to see
Look though darkly reflected be
An accusation is lost entire

Though words are written affect
Words not read as if not made
Words not written, no parade
Too many words only deflect

What say you, mighty Prince?
What say you, my Princess?
Words not liked to meet excess?
Cloistered now, all words hence?

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You are probably not going to like this.

The Democratic Party was anything but as they out marketed the Republicans. The Republican leadership centered on change of¬† current leadership without really addressing main issues directly. The Republican Party seemed to retread old ideologies and were only respondent rather than being foot forward and needling the Democratic Party leadership for six years of really poor governance. The term “idiots” come to mind. Oh, and the Democratic Party managed to keep Joe Biden mostly quiet.


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It has been some time since I have written to my blog site. It seems perhaps that Doc Rogers doesn’t write. He does. It is that most of the writings have been short, pithy, and sometimes well thought out prose for those social pages. You know the ones I mean.The ones where you start out promoting a thing then find family and friends; then without really seeing it happen, you get sucked into the drama of it all. And believe me, some are dramatic enough for Tonies, Oscars, Golden Globes, and whatever else is out there.

I am also disappointed by those who only see things through the lens of pigmented skin and social issues where everyone is demanded to play along. Funny thing is, those to whom I refer just read the above and said to themselves “Yeah, those so and so’s just got theirs. haha.” Except, I was talking about you.

A long time friend of the family just asked me tonight if I will run for President in 2016. I only smiled in return. Would anyone want someone like me to lead a nation and balance the government’s books? I am afraid I am a bit too direct and pragmatic in my approach. I think we will need a person better at bringing divergent people groups together than I have been. But it will be interesting to see what transpires. You know I will be commenting on it.


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