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I’m a writer / thinker more than I am a blogger. I like to think about things a bit then throw them out there in word form for viewing; sometimes even for feedback.

Today is Friday and All Hallows’ Eve. It’s a nice day so far in north Texas. My wife finangled a projector and we use that to host a movie for our neighbors. We’ve done that several times. Last year for Hallowe’en’.  We watched Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein. Very few ‘got it.’ But it was funny. 🙂

This time around it’s Disney’s Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy. It should be funny. He has a good sense of the comedic.

Don’t eat too much candy. Watch your sugar intake. Be safe and have fun with your kids and your neighbors. Or go to a Fall Harvest Festival run by one of your local churches.


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Little reminder … I write…

In general:
Goes to all my writings

Politicallly or socially themed … sign of the times …

“Essays: Roe v Wade Was Political Expediency”

“Essays: The Marketing of An American President”

“Essays: Some Irritating Things About Judeo-Christianity”

“Short Story: Sister Lizzy”

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought about them!
Not all of my writings are thought heavy. Just some.

¡Bien Provecho! Cena para pensada.


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Whatever Occupies The Mind

by Dave “Doc” Rogers


The sky is blue. The grass is green. Gravity works.


But for some this is not the case. For some the sky is a cerulean effect of light refraction from a gravimetric hydrogenic mass of particulate matter as it is refracted through the haze we refer to as atmosphere to reflect off of a surface structure of greater density back through the haze to be reflected in minute once again toward the denser surface structure only to be captured within a waiting gulf of absorptive material only to strike against an electromagnetic reactive surface which triggers synaptic responses that run along neural highways to register the video component as a chromatic association. And this combined with atomic masses rotating upon a stellar axis in such coalesced volume as to pull mass into itself rather than toss it away.


To some this is only a physical event.


To some these are emotive happenings that determine the weight of life within their moments.


What determines the relative and associative responses are a historographic cataloguing of similar electromechanical synaptic events resulting in an assumptive historographic response based on an accumulation of data over time with an oft repeated synopsis to the extent it is now believed to be accurate data. Therefore …


The sky is blue, the grass is green, and gravity works.


It is without doubt that whatever occupies the mind rules the heart.


The heart, a tricky little word of multiple meanings, to which I now add the reference to all that is that makes one one. To the Greek rhetoricals this was the ‘psuche,’ the breath of essence that once removed removed that which once was the being within the fleshy structure they called human. It is interesting to note that which is referred as being the essence of being is commonly referred with aspirating words, for with the absence of such aspirations soon follows the lack of further existence for the biological shell. Interesting, isn’t it?


And to think in all our accumulated synapses of collected thought, averages of experiential data, we have yet to define GOD, solve crime, cure the common cold, remove avarice, provide succor to every lack, or to extend our lives beyond that which is enjoyably tenable.


Instead, we spend our days deceptively filling our heads with gibberish in vain attempts at piety, clarity, sentience, and self glorification. “We are who we are,” is said. As if that alone is enough to silence the questions that remain unanswered. Fools, we are, preferring to live a lie than to accept truth.


“Quid est veritas?”


What is truth? It is a very good question. People, in their historographic catalogues of electromechanical similarities, have self determined that truth is whatever they have determined it to be. That, however, is incorrect. Truth is. Truth is what it is. Truth is truth. Truth is not variable. It remains truth.


A circle is a circle. It remains a connected series of points along a line that is closed upon itself. You can argue that it is a circle, a loop, an ellipse, a hoop, a ring, … but you cannot take away its truth. It remains a connected series of points along a line that is closed upon itself. We can safely agree that a circle of 360º divided by a line along a center point creates two arcs of 180º and that another line along a perpendicular center point will create two additional arcs of 180º and the entirety creating four 90º angles through the bi-sectioning of the circle and the overlapping of the diametric center points.


Yet people will argue this insanely. If one circular standard is set at 360º and another set at 400º, an argument will ensue over the circle, its proper definitions, and at what metric should standardization be set. It still does not remove the ‘truth’ that a circle is what it is.


The absence of truth is assumption.


Whether truth is known and overlooked or not known and mental grasping at straws occurs, in the absence of truth … standards whereby solid, evidentiary proof establishes … assumption reigns. It is then argued that there is no truth and therefore assumptive reasoning must evoke an answer to further the courses of action, whatever those might be. Assumptive reasoning relies upon the barest of minimals of evidentiary reasoning or no factually based reasoning at all to grasp out of ether some concept deeply held as truth. It still doesn’t make it truth.


It doesn’t make it truth but it does make it a deeply held belief and an unwillingness to face reality. To them, it has become truth … even if a lie.


If the concept … even a delusional one … is held to firmly and great amounts of mental energy are expended to build up structurally and maintain this concept, it becomes that state of reality for the individual so enervated. They are clouded from the truth by their self preserved delusions. They will function semi normally in society until their dysfunctional truths are confronted or challenged. Then what they have chosen to believe becomes superficial. Some will not meet the challenge. Some will just find another thing about which to be deceived from the truth. Some will argue vehemeously in support of their truth, negating in themselves the truths presented by others or the truth itself. Still, others will be crushed by the confrontation.


The process remains the same.


That which the mind occupies a majority of its time processing results in that thing ruling the heart thereby the actions of the thinker. It is sad that a relatively sane and intelligent person will forego the truth in deference to a lie not based in fact or reality in order to appease some portion of their lives requiring assumptive reasoning.


Whatever occupies the mind rules the heart.


Whatever a person does that dominates their mental faculties will have rule over the core being of that person, and they will find themselves fully receiving the results of efforts … both positive and negative.


Find the truth, not what is truth just to you. Apply yourself to it. Know the truth. Seek it. Treasure it. Focus on it. Because…


Whatever occupies the mind rules the heart.

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Essays: The Marketing of An American President
by Dave Doc Rogers

It’s 2008 in the Year of our Lord,… unless that offends you then it CE or Common Era instead of Anno Domini, the Year of the Domion of the Lord Jesus, … unless that offends you. You see, I am never quite sure what is PC anymore. I used to think PC meant personal computer, but that’s not PC anymore. Well, to the point then, shall we.


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Essays: Word of Warning!


A word of warning. I have decided to give my opinion on things in short essay format. I am opinionated. Sorry.


As I have aged, I have discovered more and more that everyone around me is willing to share their opinions on whatever seems most important to them at the time. I must have a bartender’s face, or the parish priest’s, because people often tell me what they are thinking. I was a bartender. I did hear a lot of alcohol induced soul disgorgement. You smile and nod. You fill their drink when they are ready. You become their buddy for an afternoon or evening. They move on. You remain there. It was an interesting life. I was never a parish priest. Although, I did study for the ministry. But, that is a different story all together.


The odd thing about my face and people’s opinions is they never want to hear mine. I have learned to recognize it when it starts to happen. “So, what do you think?” I open my mouth to speak, say a few words, the glaze crosses their eyes, they start thinking of the next thought while I speak, then I close my mouth. My words forgotten in the next round of whatever synapses were brought to the forefront and their mouth engaged in the middle of my point. My opinion forgotten. As a bartender, I silently listened, nodded, and poured more drinks. As a citizen of this world, it grated at me that I could never say what was on my mind. I do it so much better in written form, in any event.


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here be the keltoi
the historian said
here be a vast and varied people
skilled in trade and in the working of metals

our heart is in the land
it is our charge
savage to the usurper
loyal friend to our kin

father begat son
brother begat clan
clan begat village
village begat the keltoi


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