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My spirit is full. My spirit and mind are full of hurt from seeing a people lost and a Church of hate. These things ought not be so.  (more…)

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The heart. It is not just a muscle in the center left of the chest. It speaks to the core of who we are as people. 

We were made in the image and likeness of YHWH Elohim (the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible). God is spirit – the essence of His being. In point of fact, His name YHWH means “I am” – the essence and being of His own existance. 

The core of essence of our being – our heart – is love, power, and a sound or sure nature. That is until we as a specie separated ourselves through sin – our choosing to try to live separate from the God who is life.

What happens from there is recognition that something is missing. 

Man’s first reaction to separation was to be a covering for himself. Fig leaves are not long lasting at all.

Man’s second reaction was murder, then walls to hide bebind, then to make a name for themselves. Since man could no longer reach God, man made gods that he could reach.

God said in Exodus 20 to not make any graven image as a god or even for God. Man did not listen.

Check point: at what alter do you worship most often?

An idolatrous heart is conditioned to worship the bright and shiny, the rich and power, the beautiful and sensual, that at which he or she can only guess and hope. 

Since man could not reach God, man made gods after man’s own fashion. The gods of man were / are made after the image and likeness of mans’ own design.

The idolatrous heart condition has set up gods to worship. 

Around the world man has made idols or little gods to worship. Heroes, philosophers, the beautiful, the enticing, the awe-inspiring, and those deemed to be better than the rest.

None of them have life. Not real, everlasting life. 

The idolatrous heart chases after things to worship instead of the one who created them.

Man is created to worship, to carry value and worth to one that is worthy to receive the gift. 

The idolatrous heart seeks succor and satisfaction from that which cannot deliver.

Like it or not: Jesus, only Jesus can give you access to succor and satisfaction that lasts. 

When the idolatrous heart finds a real Jesus, not a religious Jesus, idolatry fades away when exposed to truth, and truth fills that area of life that always seemed to be empty. 

God shows up when idolatry is put away. That which was man made fades in importance and desire when that which fills to the full and satisfies has fully come into you life.

The true God puts away idolatry just by who He is. The heart condition that pursued idols has now met true Life and One worthy of all praise and honor and glory.

What the world sees as right and attempts to explain in iconography, God explains by simply showing Himself by His Spirit.

Meet God.

Ask the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible to show Himself mightily in your life through the cross of Jesus Christ.

We cannot come near God without Jesus. God will not get close to us and give us His life without our first accepting and receiving what Jesus did at the cross, the grave, and the resurrection.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Confess Jesus as Savior and Lord. Do all He commanded you according to the Bible. Now rejoice! Your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and God can walk with you and give you His Holy Spirit and be with you all ways.


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Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved; you and your household. [Acts 16.31]

In this passage we hear Paul’s response to the Philippian jailer. To fill in the story, Paul and Silas went to Philippi, preached the gospel, caused a riot, were whipped, and thrown into jail. Around midnight praising God, an earthquake happened and the doors to the jail cells opened. The jailer thought everyone left. He started to kill himself when Paul stopped him. The jailer takes Paul and Silas home, tends to their wounds, and then has church.


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We spend a lot of time wondering who we are. It is almost like there is an intentional efforts to skew our identities. And, there is. If we were to walk in who we should be this world, this life, would be dramatically different.


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People over time have looked at Christianity with a question: why a cross? Why would a loving god put anyone through that for someone else? It had to be a cross. It had to be the most horrific example of human cost, inevitable, public, painful, without repentance. The cross made a permanent marker, a line that could only be crossed once: death.


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You may have said a prayer like this: “Jesus, I accept the price you paid at the cross for my sins. I ask you to forgive me, come live with me, and let me live with you. Be with me this day and give me Your Holy Spirit. Amen.” If you meant that in the heart of your being, then you are “saved”. Now what?


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One of the discoveries I made over the years is “bad parents make bad parents”. The cycle of relationships tend to repeat in following generations unless there is some trigger, some impetus to change the cycle. That comes with making a decision to change. It is even easier when the decision to walk with God is made, and a lifestyle of learning from God begins.


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Jesus had come to be one of us, perfect in relationship with God, the Father. Jesus lived his life as example that Man could walk with God in perfect unity. Then, he traded that life to fulfill covenant promises made so that we can have that same life of unity with God, the Father. Because of what Jesus did, we can be one with the Father; if we accept it and walk in it. Many, too many, are passionate in their belief that what they are doing is right; even when it is wrong. Jesus prayed, while on the cross being mocked and ridiculed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”[1]


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Jesus said to his disciples, “I will not leave you as orphans. I will ask of the Father and He will send a Comforter.”[1] The comfort in this life is God. Because of what Jesus did, and the price he paid, we can be one with the Father just as Jesus is.[2] What Jesus did changed an earthly dynamic Adam created.[3] Because of what Jesus did, Man no longer needs to be separate from God.

There are several theologies and dogma regarding the the Holy Spirit. The Bible has a simpler theology. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Living God. Since Jesus did what he did (preach the kingdom of God, the cross, the grave, resurrection, sit at God’s right hand), there is now an opportunity to return to the right relationship with God – the Creator of Heaven and Earth. At first God and Man were together. They worked together. The Father told Man to tend the Garden, but God was right there with Man the whole time. Man could directly and immediately rely on God for any immediate need. Everything Man needed was at hand. At Man’s sin – act of separation from God, Man was left to rely upon his own efforts.

Jesus changed that. After mellenia of being effectively separate in life from God, Jesus made a way for Man to reunite. Sin was a decsion to separate from God. The price of that is death; death of the spirit. The correction was a decision to choose God, even unto death, without waiver. And, Jesus did that. Now for us, it is a simple choice to walk with God. The judgment price has been paid by Jesus. Because of this, we now have right and access to the living, life-giving Spirit of God.

Who is God? God is the one who created us all, the one in whose image we are created. We were to be His children. Sin separated us. Jesus created the opportunity for us to be back together again, and that by the simple choice to accept and believe that what Jesus did at the cross was enough to repair the breech, to allow God and Man to be one again.

His Holy Spirit is key to that relationship. His Holy Spirit is not a third Christian deity. The Holy Spirit is the essence and life of God manifested to us. Life is impossible without the Holy Spirit, but being baptized or overwhelmed by His Holy Spirit is different. By His Holy Spirit His presence is fully with us, around us, and through us. We can go through, include, and participate in this life with Him in all things. 

The Holy Spirit is not a power to be used by us. The Holy Spirit is not a foreign power within us. The Holy Spirit is not sorcerous or magical or mystical power we control or that comes upon us. 

The Holy Spirit is God, with whom we need to cultivate a relationship. The Holy Spirit is God present with us. The Holy Spirit is the holy, pure presence of God manifested in the Earth to help us get through this life successfully. Success in this life is learning to walk with, rely upon Him, toward an everlasting relationship with Him; measured in now moments.

The Holy Spirit is my purest friend, my One upon whom I rely, my ever present Mighty One, Jehovah Elohim.

Learn to lean on, rely on, trust in Him. Believe on Jesus Christ. Receive the living God’s Holy Spirit. Discover not a power but One who has power, who is power, to change everything in your life. Begin  a new walk with Him. Ask Him, test Him with this. Walk with Him.

[1]John 14.16-18; [2]John 21.21; [3]Genesis 3.17; 

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Almighty God, I acknowledge my dependence upon You; I pray Your blessings upon me, my family, my leaders, my city, my state, and my nation.

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