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Daily I wake.
Daily I see your face.
Daily I am amazed.
Daily you persisted, grace.

My friend you were.
My friend you became.
My friend you remain.
My joint adventurer, same.


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One day is not enough to say I love you.
Perhaps I should try and do.
But one day a year to say I love you,
Would not be enough, even with flowers, too.

One month is not enough to say I love you.
Even though there are cards and candy, too.
But one month only just won’t do.
One month is not enough to say I love you.

One year is not enough to say I love you.
No, no; one year just won’t do.
There’s not enough time to show you.
One year is not enough to say I love you.

Maybe a lifetime might do.
Yes, maybe a lifetime will do.
Everyday, every way, to say I love you.
From our early days to all the way through.

If a lifetime isn’t enough, there’s eternity, too!
Time without ending, a n’er ending view,
A lifetime partnership, just us two.
An eternity of sharing, me saying I love you.

With all my heart, I love you.
Time and time again will do,
Everyday, every way, eternity through,
Time without ending, just to say I love you.


c.20160214, for my wife, my forever Valentine.

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Old family photos
Wrinkled and faded with time
Old family photos
Faces staring back at me

Moments captured
Frozen faces from times gone by
Moments captured
Snippets of who they were once

Time held still, fixed on paper
Halides holding images of life
Souls stolen for a moment
Transfixed by lens and chemistry

Old family photos
Wrinkled bits of tin type
Sepia colors in washed out faces
Stuck and still until the flash subsides

Old family photos
People like you and me
Sitting or standing
Moments from their lives captured

So real yet untouchable
Imploring eyes rushed to make a moment
Sit here, look there, hold, flash, done
A family memory of their when now ours.

Robert Lee_Emmie Jewell_Snow_c.1925

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When I was young and the day was new
My hopes and dreams were fresh, too
Plans were made for the things I would do
With longing expectation, therefore, I grew


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I am finished.
I ran my course.
I was obedient to the end.
I have satisfied my service.

A new adventure begins.
A new service elsewhere.
A new requirement asked.
A new testing of resolve.


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Uncertain futures
Creating lives in flux
Moments in time
Veiled in projection

All there is is now
One must do, one must do
Ever busy, ever busy
No forethought of outcome

Waving arms
Excited voices
Bold type-faced print
Uncertain tomorrows preached

Hope, what is that?
Words redefined
Lost meanings gone
Hope, no more than vapor

Tomorrow, not guaranteed
Today, one must do
Yesterday, consternations of the past
Past, future, the same in execution

Live, breathe, do
The moment passes
Faces blur
Deeds, best forgotten

With all that given
I press on
Uncertain futures
Certain in arrival

Do, decide, do
Best guess
Better than none
Try, fail, try, succeed

Go, do
What if
Why not
Maybe right

Uncertain futures
Decrying TV faces
Uncertain futures
Hopeless consternations

I persist
I do
In spite, to spite
What is there to lose?

Persist, I win.

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Oh to dream, the mind’s fancied flight
To ponder and plan with one’s might
Hope’s future in imagined plight
As all dreams, gone in day’s full light

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With empty solace a pen strikes
Upon a page blank and white
A flurry of words do take flight
Not caring much who dislikes

Whimsy and want in careless plight
Desire’s passioned response caught
Scrawled in scripts quietly fought
Burning in vision, words as light

Desire spent in convulsive ire
A soul laid bare for all to see
Look though darkly reflected be
An accusation is lost entire

Though words are written affect
Words not read as if not made
Words not written, no parade
Too many words only deflect

What say you, mighty Prince?
What say you, my Princess?
Words not liked to meet excess?
Cloistered now, all words hence?

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by Dave Doc Rogers
© 20100214 

My Valentine
What do I see of Thee
When you look at me? 

I do not see the years that have creased your face
I do not see the silver that has become your crown
I do not see the concern for the weight of this world
I do not see the effects of life’s daily stresses 

I see you

I see the little girl spinning in a one person race
I see the caring so deep within your eyes of brown
I see the majesty and grace waiting to be unfurled
I see your heart in the hand that blesses 

Yo te veo

Tu eres que bonita y cómo una reina gloriosa
Tu tienes un corazón cómo una joya preciosa
Tu voz es cómo el canto de un pájaro dulce
Tu vida es cómo la musica de los instrumentos mas finos 

My Valentine
What do I see of Thee
When you look at me? 

I see my life fully filled in your friendship
I see the greatness in the Child of God
I see the little girl who doesn’t see
I see the woman who needed me 

My Valentine
What do I see of Thee
When you look at me? 

I see you

My valentine, my heart, my love, my life on earth, my wife

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Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

If I should slumber throughout the night
Remind me on morrow’s light
That Jesus Christ was born this day
In a manger’s bed of hay.

He suffered and counted it loss
To bear our sins upon a cross.
And if we follow in his way
Every morning is Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

©2009 Dave Doc Rogers

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