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An article was written stating christians demand a king in a political candidate. No we don’t.

Christans do not demand a king. Christians should demand someone who loves their country and its people more than power and theirself.

The problem is too many are willing to be led by marketing, news media, and personality rather than sound wisdom, self-education, and sound decision-making.

Abdication of self-governing responsibility leads to dictatorship by others. In the USA, our government is based on the premise that the adults are required govern or manage their own affairs. That responsibility is not given to others.

Everywhere else on Earth, the responsibility of governance is to the state – whether dictator, monarch, or elite assembly.

I count it an extreme privilege to have been born in the time I am and in the country I am where my dependence is not on the favor of a state system but on self determination and individual sovereignty.

I am not dependent on a political savior. I am not so much anti-Obama as anti-bad governmental management.

Our founding leaders understood the US government was based on managing the connectivity of all citizens and not determing how those not of the patron class were to live.

The USA does not need a king, despot, nor ruling assembly. The USA needs only those who are willing to serve their fellow countrymen and the benefit of their nation.

No kings needed here. No kings need apply.

Link to story.

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The current US Congress, White House, and Washington bureaucracies do not understand budgets and their purpose. To most, a budget is a piece of paper that says this is what we will spend but you know we will exceed that. Why? Why are there so many politicians and fiduciary gluttons in government? Whatever happened to managing the affairs of state to the benefit of the people? The early Presidents of the US warned following citizens to pay off the government debt in the same year or in a reasonable time. It is a form of insanity to deny reality and truth. I think they call it dementia.


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Recently there was a “crisis” in Washington DC among the managers of government. They had overspent, politicized, and planned for appropriations legislation to come to a dramatic confrontation of one party against another; and it was very exciting to those in “news” media. The Executive Administration of POTUS Obama “shutdown the government.” It was quite dramatic, people were laid off (furloughed), and completely untrue. 17% of the government was shutdown; just the parts to create drama and news coverage. The end result to all the drama resolved on cue; just as any televised mini-series or telenovela. For all of the drama and finger pointing, what really happened was more politicking and deal-making pork-barrel spending. The initial argument was that the Federal government ran out of money, so they needed a special funding bill to cover spending to year-end to keep the government running. It was a drama ruse. Plain and simple. The plan will take the Fed deficit from under 17T$ to over 17T$. There was and is no plan to limit or control spending toward being balanced or less than income. It is spend-spend-spend politics.


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A question came up recently  around the U.S. elections 2012. It was put forward that “for what ever reason he [God] allowed Obama to win… and His ways are not mine!” Hmm. I have a problem with that.

I do not think God (the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus, and me) allowed this election result to happen as much as I think He gave the responsibility for managing this country to us, the current day citizens of the United States of America. When the majority of those USA citizens choose someone who spends but does not lead, whose fault is that for bad governance? Certainly not God’s.

Of course a response to that counter point would be, “I am not blaming God …”


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I just watched the debate on YouTube. While I am glad to hear good discourse on the current situation in the US, I am not really hearing leadership. I am hearing pick-on-you, pick-on-me, and my-program-is-best.

If the Republicans want a strong voting block and TEA Party backing the will have to find leadership somewhere in the depth of their rhetoric.

The US (and by extension the world – because the US economy is still 25% of global) needs strong, capable, able leadership that is going to lead and not experiment with failed government types that have been proven failures around the rest of the world.

The US Constitution and sound business practice within the government itself will help create an environment where business leadership and entrepreneurs can feel comfortable making risk decisions for new markets, products, and services. People working (from leaders taking risk) will right the US ship of state IF Washington DC also takes a leadership role and manages government back to original concepts for US government – rather than social experimentation where Big Brother pays for it all out of the pockets of those who are able to make more than they use.

Final assessment of this debate: disappointed

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Part 2 in the series “Why You Should Not Elect Me President”

Have Congress and POTUS lost their senses? I keep seeing texts and articles on the subject of debt ceiling increases and proposed tax increases. I have to question the sanity of our elected officials. How sane is it to look into an empty sack and say there is more in there? Yet that is exactly what Congress has been doing since the surplus of the early 00’s.

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It has become that time of year again. Politicians are making television, radio, and stump appearances. Some are hinting at their running. Others are being far more coy than that. Others still have thrown their hats in the ring of candidacy. So, I have also decided to throw my name in with the rest. Unlike my esteemed colleagues, I am not going to tell you why you should vote for me. I am going to tell you all of the reasons I can think of as reasons you should not vote for me or elect me as President of the United States of America.

I think the most stand out reason why you should not elect me President is I cannot think of anything too controversial about me.

I was born at the old Naval Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. The city, the county, the state, and the US Navy can all validate that. So, that is out. I am ‘legit.’


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The Arts in Collin County is a planned facility where painters, sculptors, actors, and muscians will ‘work in harmony in a 100+ acre park’ in Allen. While I am an advocate for the arts, I am perplexed. How does a facility in Allen benefit the residents of Frisco?

In 2001 the mayors of Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and Plano decided Collin County ‘needed’ more art and commissioned a feasibility study. They liked it so much they were moved to put it on the ballet in 2002. In 2002 the good citizens went out and voted. The citizens of McKinney, by majority vote, did not see a benefit to McKinney – being situated just north of Allen. Funny thing about the pact for the ACC (as it is called). It was supposed to be a four city deal. If one city backed out the deal was supposed to fall through. The mayors of Allen, Frisco, and Plano still moved forward with selling the bonds.

Now the question of benefit, costs, and fiscal responsibility of it all is coming to question again…
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Texas State Representative Ken Paxton [R-70] has put his name in the hat for the Texas Legislature’s Speaker of the House.

In a released statement, Paxton said, “Republicans have the opportunity to unify behind a conservative Speaker who can effectively lead our Party on the principles our citizens espouse. As someone who has continuously served as an advocate for conservative principles, I am announcing my candidacy for the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.”

To see rest of the article, click here!

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The TEA Party should retain their role as drivers of the conservative agenda, without regard to party or politics. If it remains an organization founded on the people and their participation as watchdogs of their government then the TEA Party should remain successful.

The danger in the TEA Party is to say “yeah!” and sit down. Now is not the time to quit. It was only an election. Now is the time for the hard work to begin – managing those who manage our government.

‘We the People’ should breathe a sigh of relief that they successfully executed their Constitutionally protected right to be heard via their vote. Now, set an agenda of oversight. Demand of our representatives – regardless of party or affiliation – to represent us well and follow OUR foundational documents and OUR rule of law … not the documents and laws of other nations or para-nation organizations.

I charge those who are leaders of the TEA Party organizations around the USA to be good stewards of the American trust and work hard to be voice of reason and eagle eyes on our government bodies: local, state, and federal.

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