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On March 17, 2011, the United Nations Security Council authorized a ‘no-fly zone’ over the air space of Libya; as cited by SC/10200.

“Demanding an immediate ceasefire in Libya, including an end to the current attacks against civilians, which it said might constitute “crimes against humanity”, the Security Council this evening imposed a ban on all flights in the country’s airspace — a no-fly zone — and tightened sanctions on the Qadhafi regime and its supporters.”

Where was the UN intervention in Sudan or Chad, when worse atrocities were being carried out under those ‘civil’ wars? What the UN Security Council has done has been to mandate that if there are enough UN member states opposed to the internal operations of another sovereign nation the UN Security Council can and will authorize military action by opposition member states against a sovereign nation state.
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UN vs Libya, UN oversteps charter

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My latest article; thanks for your support! … No to Newt in 2012 http://exm.nr/eoCKh4

Newt Gringrich, former Speaker of the House and US Representative from Georgia, was on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show “For the Record.” I just happen to catch the interview.

The interview was typical banter with the former Speaker until Libya became the topic of discussion. Mr Gingrich, when asked what he would do, opened with “exercise a no-fly zone this evening” then moved into “help the rebels.” In typical ‘us vs them’ fashion, he talks about how “inept this administration is.”

While it is true that Mr Gaddafi has not been a friend to the USA, nor to most of those not Libya. Mr Gaddafi and his leadership team have run their own ideology in Libya for quite some time. It is poetic justice that as a fomenter of discord, Mr Gaddafi now finds it in his own backyard. But, this discord within Libya does not give any other individual nation an open invitation to foist its military and political muscle on Lybia.

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