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For those who feel called to intercede for others and the nations in prayer, I have updated this prayer guide to reflect more generically governments to be more inclusive of other types of governments.

The objective is two fold:
1. The Judeo-Christian Bible tells us we ought to pray for those who have rule over us, and we should.
2. Spending time with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Holy One of Israel while seeking to bless His people.

– The “7 P’s” have been added to the Lord’s Prayer as additional points of reflection and meditation.
– This can be formatted to fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 in. page and fits nicely in a Bible or a planner for easy reference.

MT 6 & LK 11

Position: I recognize You are King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and GOD over All!

Praise: You are holy! You are worthy of praise, and I worship You!

Priority: You rule over all things, Lord! All things were made by Your hand!
All things have been placed under Your feet! You are Lord over All!
Here on Earth and in my heart, have rule over all things.

Provision: I thank You that You have us given seed to sow and bread to eat! You meet my daily need!

Perfection: I praise You and thank You for my Salvation through Your Son Jesus, The Messiah, The Christ. Jesus, you are my Propitiation and Salvation through the Night and the Cross, the Grave and the Resurrection, the Ascension and the sitting down at the Right hand of the Father.
I have forgiven all just as all has been forgiven of me.
I choose to say no one has sinned against me.

Protection: I thank You that You, Lord, are My Shepherd. I shall not want. You make me to lie down in green pastures! You lead me beside still waters! You restore my soul! Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. You are with me. Your rod and staff, Your rule and counsel, are a comfort to me!

Praise: You are holy! You are worthy of praise and I worship You! You are King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and GOD over All! You are All Powers in One! You are the Glory and my Glory forever and ever!!!!
~ • ~
~ • ~
~ • ~

The Presidents, Premiers, Prime Ministers, and Monarchs; Cabinet Secretaries/Ministers and Agency Directors; the Ambassadors/Consuls; the Legislative Representatives; the Justices, Judges, and Magistrates; the Attorneys, Counselors, and Solicitors General; all of the Civil Servants; the Intelligence, Military, and Police Forces; and for all of their families …

The Governors, Secretaries, Ministers, Directors, Superintendents, and Boards; their Legislatures; the Justices, Judges, Magistrates, and Attorneys / Counselors / Solicitors General; all of the Civil Servants; the Intelligence, Guard, Reserves, Militia, Police Forces, and Emergency Services; and for all of their families …

The Mayors, the City and County Councilors and Commissioners; the Secretaries, Superintendents, and Boards; the Justices, Judges, Magistrates, and Attorneys / Counselors / Solicitors General; all of the Civil servants; the Police, Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services; and for all of their families

– Come to a saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
– Are filled, baptized by and with Your Holy Spirit.
– Are blessed with Your Godly wisdom and have good health.
– Are blessed and have exceedingly more than enough and all sufficiency, needing no aid or support, and are content.
– Have a heart of service toward You and toward Your People. Are surrounded by a hedge of protection of ministering angels surrounding them at all times; that Your Hand, oh God, is upon them to bless them and to see good established in them.
– Are free from ambushments and traps are stopped, turned back against those who have made themselves enemies of You.

(The Εκκλεσια, the Whole Body of Christ)

The Apostles, the Prophets, the Evangelists, the Pastors, the Teachers; the Presbyters, the Overseers and Bishops; the Deacons, the Elders, and the Servant leaders; and for all of their families …

[Using the biblical example of first Jerusalem (my city), then Judea, then Samaria, then the uttermost parts of the world]

Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Your blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, our Country, and our planet.

©2010 Dr David J Rogers, docrogerswrites.com, all rights reserved
– Permission granted to copy or print for public use only. If linking to or reposting to other websites,  make a hyper-link to this page and note the copyright reference information above.

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Since the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania in the 1800s and the easy conversion of oil crude to a usable product, there has been concern over who will own the market share of production and refinement. With the advent of industrialization and the greater need for a fuel source more plenteous than whale-fat kerosene, oil crude sources have become increasingly important. The great powers of Europe in the 1800s all sought their sources and fought each other for additional markets for their industrial concerns as well as fuel sources and additional raw or rare materials. The post-WWI powers found themselves stretched and unable to manage their acquired empires and hegemonies. These imbalances in markets shared, stretched military and commercial resources, and the greed of certain suppliers and underwriters led to eventual conflicts again setting up the dominos for WWII. Japan attacked US military capabilities in Hawaii as a precursor to further inroads into China and southeast Asia to get at oil fields and other raw goods that the US embargos denied Japan.

A united Germany opened an eastern front, breaking treaty agreements with the USSR. Germany found the industrial and military might of the UK Empire more taxing on German industry than they first thought possible. Germany went after the oil fields in southern USSR, Iraq, and Iran. Germany failed in its attempt. Although winning the conflict, USSR failed due to manpower and industrial losses. The war raged on, manpower, raw and rare resources deplete, Europe eventually came to an end to war. Maps are redrawn by the victors and the victors cannot cover their gains.

Europe and Asia are greatly ruined by war. Only the US stood out as an industrial nation that could still produce due to relative limited impact to its infrastructure by WWII. While oil and resources are plenteous in the US, other economies must be propped up. Raw, rare, and oil crude resources are exploited by US businesses. The US found itself the sole major power in the global economy. The natural arrogance of a post-war victor was translated into business as returning soldiers become executives.

The post-war soldiers of the USSR returned to their empire to find themselves able to still use those ’emergency powers’ to control a population trained in serfdom and atrocities of under-supplied war efforts. These Soviet leaders created a slave state under the guise of ‘communism’ and rebuilt Mother Russia into the Great Soviet Bear. Soon there are two great competitors for the idealogical marketshare and the actual marketshare: USA vs USSR. The reach of communism was rapid and effective for toppling weak governments. The tools developed under war with the Axis powers and centuries of intrigue with European aristocracy lent themselves to application in creating new, subordinate soviet states. The rest of war-weary Europe saw the rapid growth of soviet communism as the threat it was but could only mount a token argument against it. The US was pulled into the cold-war against communism as a ‘threat to the US way of life’ and as a threat to market share. Wherever the soviet reach went, the market closed to the US goods and services. Now, the USSR began its reach into the oil reach regions of southwest Asia and north Africa. The US and allies had to act and ‘protect’ those ‘sovereign’ nations from further soviet encroachment.

Those foreign oil markets were being protected to retain US commercial and parasitic interests in those markets. If the US bought and protected their oil the US could sell US goods into those markets and exploit monopoly styled market share.

With the effectiveness of the Marshall Plan and the US economic mistake of forgiving lendlease, those effected most dramatically by WWII and post-war regional conflicts have become market competitors to the US economy. The problem in that foreign competition is C-level managers of US businesses continued to operate as if they still retained 75% of the world’s market share. When in reality US businesses only had 30-40% of the world’s consumer economy. Parasitically, the US had been its #1 consumer customer. Then as market share began to erode as post-war recovery kicked into high gear, global dynamics in economy were not closely scrutinized for longevity results.

Lessons were not learned by US industrial giants as Japan’s dramatic turn and foresight in industry occurred through the 1960s and 1970s. Europe remained divided and was a prime market for US goods until the fall of the Soviet Block. Now the US C-level managers and national government leaders had yet to recognize the declining market share of US goods with the increase in product quality from its former dependent nations.

It is anticipated that when China turns the corner in its government shift from totalitarian oligarchy to a free-market oligarchy controlled government, the US will have a greater competitor than Japan and western Europe ever were.

Prediction if current course is continued:
The US will implode from greed and mismanagement and lack of foresight by C-level managers and government leadership to become a 3rd tier nation; and China, India, Japan, and the Koreas will take the lead economically. Europe will not be a contender in the mix due to inner squabbles, mismanagement, greed, lack of unity, and the same C-level shortsightedness afflicting the US. South America and Australia as yet are under populated and under industrialized. They will have neglible impact. Africa, sadly, still has too much disunity and hatred for its own people to become unified and turn a corner.

The post-WWII Marshall Plan and supporting efforts have dramatically worked. Nations that were pushed back into pre-industrialization due to war have become industrial giants and vibrant economies. There are many hands in the pie that is the global market for goods, services, raws, rares, and energy resources. Success in the 21st century will go to the nation or nations that are able to recognize their position within the global market and strategically work a plan to position themselves as leaders with many dependents. It is no longer a game of ‘margins’ and double digit growths for stock valuation projections. It is a game of market capture through innovation, strategy, effective tactics, and social acceptance [in that local market].

Failure means absorption or desolation. Success is planetary dominance. Yes, my friend, we have come to that stage in Earth history where it is possible in the next few decades to be a ‘Terran’ presence rather than individual sovereign states.

How do we choose to be that then?
See also: http://exm.nr/fSEuji

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“Mr. Obama’s continued pursuit of romance with the Islamic world, little short of abasing both himself and his country, isn’t winning him a lot of points from Muslims at home. … The special pleaders are clear about the price they exact for returning Mr. Obama’s respect and attempts at affection. They define ‘progress’ as withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan, shutting down the detention center at Guantanamo Bay at once, ‘protecting’ the civil rights of Muslim Americans, and compelling the Israelis to commit suicide. Do all that, Mr. President, and we’ll love you — maybe for a whole day. But eventually you’ll probably have to put Michelle in a burqa.” –Washington Times editor emeritus Wesley Pruden

It is an interesting observation by Mr Pruden. The continual erosion of US rights, ideals, unique culture, and position of global prominence will result in the lessening of the US domestically and globally. As bad as things are currently for the US, it is still 1/5th of the global economic consumption. There are some [like billionaire George Soros] who are interested in the US becoming ‘less than’. They want the US to give way to international political and religious demands being made upon the current US executive administration and radical liberal supporters. What is not considered by these movers, shakers, influencers, and activists is the results in history from similar activists. The would-be conquerors become the conquered. So, it is not a bad question asked by Mr Pruden. Ms Obama should expect a burqa if the tolerated trend continues.

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“As part of our layered approach, we have expedited the deployment of new Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) units to help detect concealed metallic and non-metallic threats on passengers. These machines are now in use at airports nationwide, and the vast majority of travelers say they prefer this technology to alternative screening measures.” –Homeland Insecurity Secretary Janet Napolitano

If the objective of the AIT scanners was to find metallic and non-metallic threats on passengers, then why are they dialed up so high as to make ‘nude’ those being scanned?

This level of irresponsibility should be taken to court as illegal search and seizure. It is inordinately invasive.

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Texas State Representative Ken Paxton [R-70] has put his name in the hat for the Texas Legislature’s Speaker of the House.

In a released statement, Paxton said, “Republicans have the opportunity to unify behind a conservative Speaker who can effectively lead our Party on the principles our citizens espouse. As someone who has continuously served as an advocate for conservative principles, I am announcing my candidacy for the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.”

To see rest of the article, click here!

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“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
— Galatians 6.7 KJV

What you give, you will get. If you plant – or sow – apple seeds, you will not get oranges. You will get apples. If you give judgment, you will be judged. If you show mercy – sow mercy, you will receive mercy. It is the way the system works. The same is true of honor. If you sow or give or show honor, honor will come back to you. If you sow or give or show dishonor, dishonor will come back to you. In the United States and in many other cultures, the seeds of dishonor have been sown by one generation, and now a generation is coming up that does not know what honor is or what it means. Those who are being put forward as heroes today have no respect for anyone and do not show honor to anyone. It is mainly about “What’s in it for me?” and power over another to evidence their ‘honor.’ Honor in 2010AD is distorted.

Unless ‘honor’ is taught from one generation to the next, honor becomes meaningless. To disparage one’s honor was once cause for suit of aggrievances or redress; perhaps even for cause of death. Those who showed disrespect and dishonor were considered bad, uncouth, and perhaps even evil.

Mutual respect for persons – respecting someone just because someone is – once was normal. It was common to respect and defer to someone just because they were alive. It was recognized that person had value, meaning, purpose, and worth. In the United States over the last few decades that has changed.

It is now common in 2010AD to disregard any and everyone. If they are not you and you do not immediately benefit from them, they are as nothing. It is also common in 2010AD for some to demand respect, to demand honor be given them; without honor being given by them. What is respected is the power one has over another. Some have turned to violence as a way to validate their ‘honorable state.’

But what if that changed? What if we chose to be ‘honorable’ and ‘honor others more highly than ourselves?’[i] What if we sowed ‘honor’ without a thought of return; without expecting to get anything back from that person?

We can be the architects of a change in honor and respect. We can sow ‘honor’ as a farmer sows seeds. And in due course of time, we shall reap a harvest of ‘honor,’ if we persist.


  1. Being Honorable

“And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren…” — I Chronicles 4.9 KJV

‘Honorable’ in its basic form is ‘honor’ + ‘able.’ One could extend the definition of ‘honorable’ as being ‘honor able’ or ‘having the ability to honor or be honored.’

From Dictionary.com[ii], a definition of ‘honorable’ is “worthy of honor and high respect; estimable; creditable; bringing honor or credit; consistent with honor.”

In brief, to be honorable one must be honorable – one must be able to have, give, and receive ‘honor.’

Q: What is your personal definition of honor?
Q: Are you able to be ‘honorable’ as defined above?
Q: Can you give examples of when you were recognized as having honor; giving honor; or receiving honor?

2.   Honor Others

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” — Matthew 7.12 KJV

This verse is known as the “Golden Rule.” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is very simple, straightforward. There have been misinterpretations and variations of this verse.[iii] When Jesus said this phrase during the Sermon on the Mount, He was teaching those listening about honor and respect. He made the bold statement that this was the full intent and meaning of the Law and the prophets. His statement was a radical departure from religious practice and idealism. No longer were the righteous practitioners the only ones worthy of honor and respect, everyone was; and to not do that was to be against the Law and everything the prophets said.

Q: Can you think of a time where you did do for someone the way you would have liked done for you? What was the result of that?
Q: Have you ever found yourself going against the ‘social norm’ by following the Golden Rule?
Q: Have you been challenged by the Golden Rule and came up short? Have you followed the Golden Rule and came up receiving honor because you honored / respected / treated well another?

3.   Receiving Honor

“Instead of your shame you shall have double honor, And instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double; Everlasting joy shall be theirs.” – Isaiah 61.7 NKJV

“Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine. For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.” – I Timothy 5.17-18 KJV

Receiving honor is difficult. Our culture has distorted ‘honor’ to the point that people will deflect compliments rather than receive honor. There are many who do not see themselves as worthy of praise or falsely assume that by receiving praise they are somehow ungodly, arrogant, or conceited. There are many who will not compliment another because their gift of praise – their gift of honoring the other person – is not received or not received well; thusly decreasing the value of the gift given.

“In order to give, someone must receive; and I chose to receive.” – Dave Doc Rogers[iv]

Jesus said the poor you will always have with you. Someone is always going to have a need. There is a need within us to recognize and praise a job well done; to thank someone for a generous service received. This need to recognize or give praise like any living thing must be used or it dies, and people get to the place where they may recognize something of worth but they will not mention anything because their desire to give that praise has been so squashed it is a thought only with no action considered.

The cure to being able to receive ‘honor’ and not wanting to is to just take it and say meaningfully “thank you.” Allow someone to sow ‘honor’ into your life by receiving their ‘honor’ to you.

Q: Have you ever found yourself in a position to receive honor and said things that deflected it away?
Q: Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to compliment someone but knew they would say ‘Ahh, it was nothing.” or some other deflection? How did that make you feel?
Q: have you ever been in a situation where you honored someone and it was sincerely received? How did that make you feel?

4.   Honor put upon you

“In my stars I am above thee, but be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” – William Shakespeare

“Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour.” – Esther 6.9, 11 KJV

In a parable Jesus spoke about choosing the more humble place first to allow the host to invite you up.[v] There are times when ‘honor’ is thrust upon you and you only have two options: 1, take it, or 2, run.

Q: Has there been a moment that you felt you achieved greatness? Were you recognized for that moment or effort? How did that make you feel?
Q: Has there been a time in your life where you were recognized publicly for your work or service? How did that make you feel?

5.   Honor in absentia

“Leave a big hole.” – Anonymous

“How can I miss you if you won’t go away?” – Old Joke

So live a life of honor and absolutes that people around you find they cannot meet the mark. Love them and respect them more than they do themselves. Expect more out of their talents than they do. Do not let others sell themselves short. Believe in them and tell them often. Show them how much you care and tell them often.

“Don’t tell your people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with the results.” – General George S Patton, USA

When a chapter of your life closes and you move on to the next thing, the best honor you can receive from those left in that past chapter is for them to miss your example.

Q: Has there been a time in your life where you left a big hole?
Q: Has there been a time where your honor and absolutes drove the standards?
Q: Have you gone back to visit a former place and were surprised by the response of those left behind?


Changing someone’s understanding of ‘honor’ by your example is possible; if you persist. If you sow ‘honor’ like a seed and mean it, you will reap a harvest of ‘honor’ being returned to you. Being ‘honorable’ must be cultivated. Develop in yourself the ability to carry, give, and receive ‘honor.’ Giving ‘honor’ where it is appropriate is important. You just may be the only person in their life that has cared enough to bestow ‘honor’ on them. It is like a fount of water to a thirsty person. Recognize in yourself the times that you would have liked to have been treated with ‘honor’ and respect. Know that by giving ‘honor’ and respect to others, they may have been feeling the same things you had. In the same way, allow others to ‘honor’ you. Simply say thank you and mean it. Allow others the opportunity to praise you, to recognize something worthy of praise in another person.

Your persistence in being ‘honorable’ will gain you more ‘honor.’ Do not be overly surprised – but do be humbly thankful – when others recognize you for what you have done. And if no one ever recognizes you for what you do while you are there, persist anyway. You are not doing it for your immediate benefit. You are doing it as a service to them. You just may be surprised by the responses you receive when you next see them.

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
— Jesus[vi]

Key Points:

  • Sow ‘honor’ like a seed; expect a harvest on what you have sown.
  • Become ‘honorable.’ Become able to give and receive honor.
  • Live Jesus’ Golden Rule.
  • Learn to say ‘thank you.’ Learn to receive and accept honest praise.
  • When others honor you for who you are or what you have done, accept it humbly.
  • So leave a mark of excellence that your memory is honored when they think of you.

[i] The Holy Bible, Romans 12:3 “For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.”
[ii] http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/honorable
[iii] The Golden Rule [modified] “He who has the gold makes the rules.”
The Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they want done unto them.”
[iv] This truism came from a leadership meeting where there were too many hands clearing the table so I let them and just received the blessing. I was asked why I was not helping and the quote was my answer.
[v] The Holy Bible, Luke 14.1-11
[vi] The Holy Bible, John 13.34-35 NKJV

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The TEA Party should retain their role as drivers of the conservative agenda, without regard to party or politics. If it remains an organization founded on the people and their participation as watchdogs of their government then the TEA Party should remain successful.

The danger in the TEA Party is to say “yeah!” and sit down. Now is not the time to quit. It was only an election. Now is the time for the hard work to begin – managing those who manage our government.

‘We the People’ should breathe a sigh of relief that they successfully executed their Constitutionally protected right to be heard via their vote. Now, set an agenda of oversight. Demand of our representatives – regardless of party or affiliation – to represent us well and follow OUR foundational documents and OUR rule of law … not the documents and laws of other nations or para-nation organizations.

I charge those who are leaders of the TEA Party organizations around the USA to be good stewards of the American trust and work hard to be voice of reason and eagle eyes on our government bodies: local, state, and federal.

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This is for those who have an ear to hear. It will seem foolishness to those whose god is not the God of Israel.

All that you have been given, all that has been sown into you, is not yours. It is yours to manage only. It has been given to you to prosper it. God is your provision, not what you have been given to manage.

And God – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Holy One of Israel – has empowered you to create and get wealth. Remember, it is God who supplies your need and empowers you to produce wealth.

Adam was given a garden to manage. The garden was in a place that was the most pleasurable to the Creator of Earth. Eden means pleasurable. In all the Earth, God set aside a place that was pleasurable to Him, then He made a garden in the midst of that, then He gave it to the man Adam. Then God – the Creator of Heaven and Earth – charged the man Adam to tend, dominate, rule, prosper, and multiply all in the garden. God did not say the garden was Adam’s. God said the garden was Adam’s to manage. Until Adam misled Eve and they sought their own, God was their provision and they lacked no thing.

Noah was given all the Earth to replenish. Noah was not given all of the Earth. God promised Noah that now there would be seed-time and harvest, there would be seasons in the Earth. From that time until now there has been established there will be times to manage preparing, sowing, tending, growing, and reaping.

In Isaac’s time there was a famine in the land, not the same famine his father Abraham saw. There was a cycle or season of lack. And God charged Isaac to stay in the land – the same land experiencing lack – and sow. Isaac obeyed, stayed, and reaped 100x larger than normal harvest. If he would normally reap 1000 bushels of wheat, Isaac reaped out of his fields 100,000 bushels. God’s provision was not in what Isaac had to manage. God empowered Isaac’s management to reap 100x more than what was normal.

Jesus asked his disciples, “What do you have?” Galilee had come out to hear the teachings of the man of God. Jesus saw their need, commanded his disciples to have them sit down in ordered groups, and asked his disciples for what they had to manage. Jesus’ disciples checked their cash-on-hand and asked if they should go out to buy bread. Jesus asked, “What do you have?” They looked around and a boy had 5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus took it, blessed it, broke it, and passed it out. When it was all done, they collected 12 large baskets of pieces. Then there was another time when God set them up again. Jesus saw the need and asked, “What do you have?” Jesus’ disciples this time found 7 loaves and some fish. Jesus took it, blessed it, broke it, and passed it out. When it was all done, they collected 7 large baskets of pieces.

Jesus told parables – stories with a point, also called word-pictures. Jesus told how a vineyard was given to be managed. Those managing it decided it was theirs and drove off the owner’s messengers and even killed his son when they came for an accounting of the stewardship. Jesus told the parable of talents – a unit of measure of mineral goods. Those receiving the talents were charged with managing what was given to them. Two of the three so charged increased their holdings 100%. The third hid his out of fear and did not manage it. In the parables of the vineyard and the talents, Jesus said the owner came back and required an accounting for the management of the assets that had been given over to them to manage; and they were judged according to their works. The wicked stewards were judged, punished, and what they had was given to the one who had the highest return on investment.

God has not changed His mind. You are still required to tend, dominate, rule, prosper, and multiply. There is a day coming when you must give an accounting for what you have done with what you have been given. If you find yourself ‘less than’, ask God to forgive you for your mismanagement of His assets and to give you wisdom to rightly tend, dominate, rule, prosper, and multiply [that’s management] what is in yours hands right now. Then ask if, perhaps, He will increase what is in your hands being managed.

Finally, trust the Creator, the God of Israel, to supply your needs. He is not blind to your plight or deaf to your cries. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice or He had the power to set the stars in their place, will He forsake you? The God of Israel has already said He will would never leave you, nor forsake you. He gave Jesus – His only begotten son – as surety of His promise to provide for you as His beloved children.

The God of Israel supplies your need. He gives seed to sow [stuff to manage] and bread to eat [your daily need]. God’s supply is not in your stewardship. Your stewardship is your opportunity of trust and growth. God observed if you prove yourself faithful over a few things, you would also be faithful over many things. God’s supply is greater than your need and far greater than what you have been given to manage. Want more? Trust in the God of Israel, in Jesus’ name.

Thank you. Be well, be blessed.

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