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Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet – Political News – FOXNews.com

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The success of the DNC and Obamanation has been the marketing that they were the party of the people. If you want to counter that you have to inform everyone “the people are the Republic” and “the Republic are the people.” … bad English but it works …

If we who support the RNC or are conservative in our government view and wish to serve the Republic do not find any avenue possible to reach out to the people of these USA then we can easily look forward to the USSA instead. It is not fear. It is their socialist propaganda that is splitting the USA along race, ideology, region, and economy. Those that do nothing will not know what hit them until it is too late.

Unless … we who support the conservative government, rule of law, and the Republic must fight a good fight of words and ideals, press our case to the just people of this nation. The Republic needs to know being conservative toward government or membership in the RNC is not a bunch of jack boot stomping loonies but real people who really love and care for their nation and all of the people in it. Go there to find success. People want to follow someone who is real.

People want a leader who is real. We have had enough of the smooth politicians. It is time for change of another sort. The men and women who fought and died for a fledgingly nation were workers, farmers, craftsmen, tradesmen/women, teachers, doctors, preachers, and even a few lawyers. They were not professional politicians driving an agenda for their ’cause.’ They were normal people doing the best they could for a mass of people on a foreign shore they called home. Such was the birth of the USA.

Find someone who will fight for the people of this great nation and the hundreds of thousands that come here legally to pursue citizenship legally. Find that person then follow them. Push them to the front and support them. Demand leadership from your leaders. Lose the sychophants and parasites.

Amen? … It’s Hebrew for ‘so be it.’ Or, as Stan Lee might put it … “’nuff said!”


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How like ‘abomination’ ‘Obamanation’ sounds. Now, I do not want to pick on the man just because his name can be coined into something catchy, but I do have to question the thinking behind the processes here.

For greater than a year we heard how the Bush administration was overspending on this that and the other thing. Most pundits failed to recall that it is the House of Representatives in Congress that actually put forth funding legislation. The news agencies fomented and foamed at how the Bush administration was bankrupting the USA, making us weak against the currency markets and adding to the trade deficit … blah, blah, blah. Then President Bush was becoming the diatribe great Satan of the news agencies.

Within the first 100 days of being in office, the Dem controlled Houses of Congress and the new President, Mr. Obama, have put into place spending that will quadruple [that’s 4x] the debt Mr. Bush’s so called failed plan was spending.

Please go to http://www.docrogerswrites.com to see the rest of the article.

Blessings on you!
Pray for your nation!

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It had to be a bad day for the Dems when Maxine Waters (D-CA) gets recorded talking about her ‘liberal’ agenda to socialize … um … um … basically taking over … the oil industry.

 Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW_FXjbt6wY

Of course there will be those that argue that she was speaking for herself and not the Dem Party, but as a member of the House of Reps and a member of the Dem party she was speaking for them. I do not think she was speaking for her constituency though. I find it difficult to believe that the people of California would like for the government to increase its controls over how they should live.

Ms. Waters represents a loose cannon among politicians in WDC. The loose canon is the thought that those who govern know far better than the governed what is best for them. That best describes an aged ideology of aristocracy and noblesse. It is not applicable to contemporary USA. In the USA we are governed by consent. We choose by majority who will ‘represent’ us. We do not choose by majority who will ‘rule’ over us or ‘govern’ over us. Our representatives are there to ‘rule’ for us … be our voice. Our representatives are there to ‘govern’ for us … be the voice for the local populous to the halls, chambers, and board rooms in WDC. My heart goes out to the people of California that Ms. Waters represents. She does not represent them well. She represents her personal agenda well at the expense of her constituents. That can be fixed in 2010, Cali.

I am also concerned politically where this will take the USA and its 50 states along with all of it commonwealth, territories, etc. We have a few within the few at WDC who think it is right that they should determine the course free of opinion from 300,000,000 other US citizens. That is shocking. It should not be surprising with the number of special interest hawkers shouting out their wares and giving away their incentives for listening to the spiel.

Let me see if I get this right. Get stirred up about something. Discover other people agree with you. Run for office. Like it. Think you are always correct. Get funded and make promises for that funding. Go and get acclimated. Expect the adoration and the funding. Play the game. Forget the host upon which you parasitically feast. Yup. That sums it up for a lot. The sad thing is I do not know how many found themselves trapped in that path or did so knowingly and willingly.

The extrapolation is if they think they can get away with it with small things they will get away with it in larger and larger things. Then we will find there are members for life in WDC. The President is decided by the members in WDC and the special ‘influencers’ with no real or clear voice by the masses. Oops. Isn’t that where we are?

I was a risk manager once upon a time. I worked with police detectives and officers in regards to the various thieves caught in my retail store. I even studied a bit of psychology to gain a better understanding of the human condition. In our conversations I discovered a commonality. Almost all of the thieves started out stealing something small. Right a bad check for a little. Use a credit card for little purchase. Shoplift something insignificant in value. The migration quickly escalates from there until there is a great big investigation and I am providing testimony to a judge who will then incarcerate someone for years … for theft.

I also see that pattern emerging in the political forum of Washington DC [WDC for short]. At first there are seemingly insignificant things going on. The Dems cried horror at what the Repub President was doing as the while they control the House of Reps. The Dems take their turn because the marketing machine [aka US news reporting agencies] have effectively sold the US voting populous and special interests that it would be best if they were in charge. Now that they are in charge, the national debt they decried as exorbitant has tripled. If our grandchildren would have inherited what was before, surely their great great grandchildren will inherit this. And here is part of the pattern. “It will not effect me” They have stolen, misspent because they know they will enjoy the fat of the land and another generation will pay the price for it. Can we say Rome is falling? So those that we innocently, or not, sent to WDC on our behalf now run their own agenda. First a few little things. Then some bigger things. Then a Constitution that was penned in guard and hopes against modification by a selfish sub-group gets changed under the miss information guise of ‘reform’. A once free, independent, and sovereign people becomes the subjugated masses and a byword for what not to become.

Sadly, all of this is easily thwarted. Apply the simple basic truths of the Judeo-Christian Bible and teachings to your life and your government. There is still a majority in the US of people who claim to be christian. Fewer admit to going to church. Fewer actually live it out in their daily lives. Most do not think it is for everyday; good for Sunday, Wednesday, or mass only. Others still do not want to be thought ill of by their friends for being a church-going christian one of them.

The fix is not being christian but being Christian – one who is like Christ, aka Jesus of Nazareth. If you are like Christ then you find a way to serve, take care of what is your responsibility, dominate your world, have rule over it, make it fruitful, and cause that pattern to multiply. “But, I might offend someone or they might make fun of me.” Jesus said offense come and so they also persecuted the prophets of old. Deal with it. This is your responsibility, not you permanent residence.

Church, all of those who call themselves by the name of God and Jesus, take a stand. Take your role. Speak out. Speak up. You are not the whipping boy of US politics or consumerism. You are an economic and political giant that too many little voices are trying to scare from rising up and being active. Be active. Participate. Roar down those who would decide how you and your children and children’s children should live. The Church has been excluded from things because the Church has been silent. The Church is not separate from US government as certain organizations insist. The Church is why we have the government we have. Government should not hold sway over the Church. The Church – all the people – should hold sway over, dynamically involved in the government.

To borrow from Stan Lee, … ’nuff said.

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Shouldn’t the Democrats be nervous about how poorly guised their voted-in reps have been about running a socialist agenda? Very few Dems I know are really into the fed government owning and running everything … actually, I don’t know any…. Those folks in WDC need to stop thinking they own it all and they run it all. Can we call a special no-confidence election before 2010?

When some rep in Congress sitting in committee hearing testimony tells the CEO of Shell it is her ‘liberal’ agenda to take over his business … to socializing the oil company.

Watch this from YouTube. Maxine Waters (D) CA and her recorded liberal agenda.

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