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Dear Concerned Citizen,

In a very real way your voice is being silenced through inactivity, through status quo, through political manipulation. It is time for that to stop. I have committed myself to stand up on behalf of the people of north Texas, to give north Texans a voice and not an extended political career, to give north Texas someone who will fight for sound fiscal responsibility and hold Congress to task for irresponsible spending, to give north Texas someone who is more interested in what is right for Texas and the United States rather than a political affiliation or party.

North Texas deserves someone who will carry their voice to Texas and to Washington, DC.

I cannot carry this burden alone. I am not a millionaire or wealthy lawyer or wealthy politician with a giant political machine backing me from Washington, DC. I am a north Texan appealing to north Texans for support. With you as my support, I do not owe anyone but north Texas my service.

There are ways to support without money. You can tell everyone you know to go to DaveRogersForCongress.com. You can tell everyone you know to sign the petition when it comes around. You can tell everyone you know to forward this note to other north Texans. You can tell everyone you know to “Don’t just vote by pushing the party button – write in! Dave Rogers for Congress!”

It is only through your support of my campaign that north Texans will succeed. Disrupt the party faithful by voting for north Texas. A vote for me is a vote for north Texas.

To accomplish this mission successfully, the Committee to Elect Dave Rogers will need your financial support and backing. There are things that a campaign needs that my wallet and volunteers won’t cover. That is where you come in. Go to DaveRogersForCongress.com. Click on Donations, then click on the Contribute Now button. You will be taken to a secure page where you can make a contribution via credit card or debit card.

Just 100 people giving $100 per month would be enough to support a very basic, shoestring campaign. Are you 1 of 100?

Just 100 people giving $1000 would be enough to meet the marketing plan for this grassroots campaign. Are you 1 of 100?

In north Texas there are over 800,000 registered voters. In the last election, around 25% participated. I am asking you to help me reach and provide a voice to all of north Texas and energize the other 600,000 registered voters to action.

Your financial support, your volunteer support, your vocal support, and your carrying my message to north Texas can make it happen. Help me be the next voice for north Texas in Washington, DC.



Dave Rogers
“Don’t just vote by pushing the party button, write-in! Dave Rogers for Congress!”
[I approve this message, because I typed it. DJR.]
Committee to Elect Dave Rogers
Treasurer: Paula Hoadley

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The Committee to Elect Dave Rogers appreciates the value and commitment that our volunteer staff brings to this grassroots campaign. Your voice, your efforts, your energy are evidence of the positive impact a democratic republic can have. To support the campaign and the Committee, your financial contributions to the campaign will extend your support reach.

For any questions regarding campaign finance, FEC requirements, limitations, or requests for additional information; please direct inquiries to the Committee Treasurer, Paula Hoadley. Inquiries may be sent to: DaveRogersForCongress@gmail.com.

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