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Many times this teaching gets pushed out of proper alignment by ‘get rich’ theology. They teach it as if it is ‘get rich for my own good.’ But, that was not and is not God’s perspective on why He gave us the power to get wealth. There is a purpose to it. (See Deut 8.18)

1. Live well. Yup, that is one of the things that wealth is for; but not the only thing about wealth and why He wants us to have.

2. Establish His covenant. Even if you are a complete loser, God will bless you if you obey His bible. Because, God promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob He would bless their descendants if they obeyed. He is more concerned about His promise being fulfilled. Those in Christ are adopted into the family through Jesus.

3. There are things to do with the increase. God never told any of Adam’s descendants to stop doing the original mandate: tend the garden, have dominion over everything, have rule over it, prosper what you are tending and dominating, and multiply that… fill up the whole Earth. You can’t do that if you are broke.

4. A sign and a witness: why would anyone follow Jesus if they have to give up everything and live as paupers? Answer: they wouldn’t. There is a false teaching out there that to come to Christ and be in God’s family you have to be broke, poor, and have nothing. That is not very biblical, but some have made a popular theology out of it. It is a lie. There were many who were prospering because of their trust, obedience, … dare I say faith, in God. Paul wrote about several who supported him as he traveled and when he couldn’t make tents.

5. God has an agenda of His own. Yes, one of the reasons for wealth is God’s own agenda and He wants to share that with us… with you; if you will let him. I say, “Come on wid’it, God. Let’s see what we can do together.”

“’nuff said.” (Borrowed from Stan Lee, comic book legend)

It all starts with actually calling to God, the Holy One of Israel, through Jesus Christ. I know what most of you are thinking and you’d be wrong. Test Him in it and find out for sure. Just call out. He has your number.

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A Christian Nation … A nation can never be a ‘christian.’ The legal entity called a ‘nation’ is not a being. The head of a ‘state’ is not that ‘state’ either. A nation or the state was not made in the image and likeness of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; nor can they ever be. A nation can however be made up of christians, and the governance of the same by christians.

Therefore, for a nation to be christian its citizen membership must be christian. And for its citizen membership to be christian they must be examples of the Christ who is Jesus, son of Mary, son of God, Messiah as prophesied.

To understand what the above two paragraphs mean, one must understand what is a ‘christian.’ The Judeo-Christian Bible states that it was in Antioch that those who followed Jesus the Crucified and Resurrected Christ were first called ‘christian’ – from the Greek, one who is like the anointed.

From a slur to a badge of honor, the moniker ‘christian’ has stuck as a name to all of those who follow Jesus Christ as savior and as lord.

To follow after Jesus truly, one must walk with Him to the cross and die: die to sin, die to self. After the cross came life. All those who believe accept in their heart that at the cross their every sin [acts of separation from God the Father] were put on trial, condemned to death, and laid upon Jesus who took on our separation and just punishment that we might live. Jesus took upon himself our sin, our shame, our just punishment, and died that He might overcome sin, death, and the grave to be Lord of All. On the third day He arose in His flesh, resurrected mortal flesh to put on immortality. He ascended to the Father to finish the sacrifice and to take His place in Heaven. He returned to Earth to confirm His witness that all of these things had been done just as the prophets of old had said. He walked among us 40 more days then was ascended to His place at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. He did not leave us orphans but gave us His Holy Spirit at Pentacost – a baptism of the Holy Spirit and of Fire.

To each who walks in the fullness of what Jesus sacrificed all to give, to them has been given the power to save the nations for Christ Jesus. To them has been given the power to change nations one person at a time until the whole nation walks with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. To them has been given the power to convert nations into a Christian Nation. Amen.

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© 2008 Dave Doc Rogers

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