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HR 4646-The “Trojan Horse” Tax – DJohn – Open Salon [open.salon.com ]

As many of you know recent polls show an utter mistrust between the citizens of this great country and its government. The reasons for this are many and another one has just reared its ugly head: HR 4646-The Debt Free America Act.
link: http://open.salon.com/blog/djohn/2010/09/28/hr_4646-the_trojan_horse_tax


Commentary by Dave “Doc” Rogers, c.20101001

This is a variation on VAT but it targets specifically banking transactions; which is easy enough since most people use their debit/check cards rather than credit or cash.

Who gets hurt by this initially? Resellers do. Infrastructure and reporting changes will be added costs to an already margin stripped business economy. Reduced margins means lower to no profits. Lower to no profits means: can’t buy, can’t invest, can’t hire. Ultimately, it means more businesses close.

Who else gets hurt by this? The Consumer. The costs of infrastructure and upgrades will be passed to the consumer who will pay more for products and services they are already buying less of. Higher costs on reduced available income means fewer purchases. There is an economic spiral downwards that begins to occur at this point. Not buying so less sold so less made so less needed made so less employed so less money available to buy so less sold … until collapse.

What else can happen with this? More uncontrolled spending with an easy taxation generation vehicle in place. With the way this Congress and current Exec Admin like to spend money that isn’t there to spend, a hidden tax vehicle like the one descirbed will give Congress and the Treasury a slider they can pull anytime they need more revenue. That is until the system breaks due to impeded cashflow.

Our economy in the USA is built upon the exchange of trade goods and services. Without this exchange or flow of goods and services the system collapses in due course. Any onerous taxation, fines, tarrifs, etc placed on the system will eventually strangle the system like weeds in a flower bed.

An unrestrained government is a bane upon the people they govern. A restrained government is a boon to the people who govern the government. If the average citizen does not take ownership of their citizenship and govern as detailed by the current US Constitution, then they will be governed by those who seek to rewrite the US Constitution in a manner benefitting those who will govern. The choice is simple. Govern or be governed. Own your citizenship or become the vassal to the State.


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