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The best way of communicating sincerity is unprompted responses. Saying I love you in response rings of echoing sentiment rather than spontaneous truth. Hence, I respond with “I love you three, … because it is more than too.”

As people, we long for that sense of value, that sense that we are important to someone, that we matter. And sometimes the simple echoes, though truly felt, are as impactful as simple echoes. “Did I matter to you just then? Or are you simply parroting with concussed air?”

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In a modern world where one’s word can easily go around the world, the hardest thing to do sometimes is show restraint and not say that thing that is on the mind.

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With empty solace a pen strikes
Upon a page blank and white
A flurry of words do take flight
Not caring much who dislikes

Whimsy and want in careless plight
Desire’s passioned response caught
Scrawled in scripts quietly fought
Burning in vision, words as light

Desire spent in convulsive ire
A soul laid bare for all to see
Look though darkly reflected be
An accusation is lost entire

Though words are written affect
Words not read as if not made
Words not written, no parade
Too many words only deflect

What say you, mighty Prince?
What say you, my Princess?
Words not liked to meet excess?
Cloistered now, all words hence?

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Containers and Jars
by Dave Doc Rogers
© 20091206

A rhythm beats across wood and hide
Strumming guitars ride the tempo
Notes picked on steel strings
Words hang in the air just a moment
As paint is swirled on blank canvas

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