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Fear, like pain, only tells you that something needs your attention. Look at it. Deal with it. The athlete knows certains pains grow strength; other pains require addressing. Fear is the same: some fear attunes your focus to accomplish the amazing. Some fear brings you to do what is right and safe within your abilities.

Do not let fear control you. Control fear.

FDR reminded us: there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

We can overcome fear and do amazing things. Go do amazing things today.

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Son of Man, Son of God, God … which is it? Is he all three? Who did Jesus say that he was?

Some have argued that Jesus was nothing more than a holy man and sect or cult leader. Some at least accredit him as being a “prophet” and a teacher. Some said he was an elevated personality. Some said he was just one incarnation of the God entity. Some may as well have called him a Jedi master.


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Uncertain futures
Creating lives in flux
Moments in time
Veiled in projection

All there is is now
One must do, one must do
Ever busy, ever busy
No forethought of outcome

Waving arms
Excited voices
Bold type-faced print
Uncertain tomorrows preached

Hope, what is that?
Words redefined
Lost meanings gone
Hope, no more than vapor

Tomorrow, not guaranteed
Today, one must do
Yesterday, consternations of the past
Past, future, the same in execution

Live, breathe, do
The moment passes
Faces blur
Deeds, best forgotten

With all that given
I press on
Uncertain futures
Certain in arrival

Do, decide, do
Best guess
Better than none
Try, fail, try, succeed

Go, do
What if
Why not
Maybe right

Uncertain futures
Decrying TV faces
Uncertain futures
Hopeless consternations

I persist
I do
In spite, to spite
What is there to lose?

Persist, I win.

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Okay. So ‘prolificy’ is not really a word, or did I just make it one? In any event it speaks to my former frequency in writing and how in 2012 I was not so much. I surmise I may have focused on politics and social media discussions rather than Word Press and Tumblr. I do not think I wrote anything more than just one poem that was not socio-political commentary. It seems those words fell to deaf ears anyway. Disappointing, really.

Now I find myself introspective and fairly caught up on those things I would like to see. Thanks, Netflix. I have also noted that broadcast TV has discovered there is an internet market and they will endure commercials just like antenna viewers. Eventually old radio guys and B&W TV guys will realize the potential market is larger than their little box they think in.

So back to introspection. I thought about what it is I like to do. Then I thought about my writing. My current, or last, project was a book. I revisited it and was pleasantly surprised by the progress. My book of short stories now sits at 40k+ words and 167 pages nearly ready for formatting. I just have to finish a few more stories, a few more edits, a little formatting and design work, et voila! It’s publishable. This would be my third publish. Yeah, kind of excited about that.

So this year will be about writing more. Write more. Blog more. Wax poetic more. Be lyrical more. Yep, he writes music too.

So, that’s my deal for 2013. Let see just how many times I can publish this year. I have at least 20 good book ideas. Let’s see how many can come to fruition. I sure hope there are some readers still out there. It makes my calling and desired vocation more meaningful if there are.

See ya in the funny papers!

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Now WordPress – the host of my main blog – has a sharing feature, so I can increase my splash in social media. This may sound braggadocious, but it is about getting read. It is why I started this in the first place. So, thanks WordPress and a big thank you to all who have read my stuff.


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