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I look at what Man mostly talks about in media, social circles, news and faux-news, and the lives of those around me living life. Man seems to be really busy being Man and busy. It seems to me that people (Man) are just filling those moments between naps. What are we doing?

I know people who are theists, non-theists, atheists, and theists of a different sort – if that makes sense. Some even label themselves ‘Christian’. They have one thing in common, mostly. They do not understand Christianity, or Judeo-Christianity to be more precise. They like to use the term ‘God’ or ‘god’ as if by using the term they are experts on the subject; or as to deride those who believe in the ‘God’ of the Judeo-Christian Bible. My spirit is concerned for them and hurts for them. They do not know what they are doing. Not that I do, but I have a pretty good idea based on what Jesus said and John saw while on Patmos. Bottom line, we as a specie are in trouble.


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We spend so much time dealing with one another that for the most part we do nothing else. Recent study has come to show me we are off task. The more I dig into anthropology, sociology, and theology I find there are three basic layers of focus: heaven, man, and earth.


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When Jesus asked this question of his disciples, there were many questions being asked about this man named Jesus. Many knew him as the son of Joseph and Mary, the carpenter of Nazareth near Galilee. The disciples repeated what they had heard from others: you are this, that, or the other. But, Simon, son of Jonah, said something important.

“You are the Christ. The son of the Living God.” (Matthew 16.16)


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1. The Anointing

 In the modern church culture of contemporary Europe or North America, the term ‘anointing’ is often misused, misunderstood. Yes, it is a verb in the progressive tense and is a gerund therefore can be used as a noun. But its real significance comes when it remains a verb, a past tense event. When the Anointing is an action it takes on a different significance all-to-together. The Anointing becomes a marker in time, a reference point for a significant event, a demarcation of before and after. It becomes a sign marking the difference between what was and what is now, usually born out in what is to come. 

Do not trust most books on the Anointing. They do not know what it is really. Learn what the anointing is and is not from the Bible. Know the Word of God for yourself. Study to show yourself approved of God. Separate yourself to Him. Ask of Him. He will teach you. He will guide you. He will lead you into all truth. He will teach you how to receive the Anointing and to walk in the Anointing that you received. 

Before you can ask for something, you should know what it is you are getting. You should know what it is not. You should know what it does. You should know what it does not do. If you do not know these things then anyone can and will come along to give you something that is not the Anointing saying it is. You could wake up to find you have something on you that is harder to remove than an unwanted tattoo. 

2. What it is

So, what is the Anointing? Simply put, it is the official recognition that you are authorized to do what it is you do.

“Authorized” is an interesting word. It means given or endowed with authority; duly sanctioned.

“Authority” – for the curious among us – means having or being the power of the originator.

“Author” means the maker, the creator, the originator of a thing; someone who is the source. 

The Anointing carries with it the Power of the Source. If your anointing was by the hand of Man, then you carry all of the power, force, and authority of the one anointing you. If they are powerless – unable to back up what they have bestowed – then the anointing is powerless. If your anointing was by the hand of the Eternal-Self-Existent-GOD-In-Whom-All-Power-Exists then your anointing is backed by a pretty good source. And nothing … no thing … can remove it. 

I Timothy 5.22 KJV “Lay hands suddenly on no man, …” 

Let no one lay hands on you to impart something to you unless you know they are of the GOD of the Bible and hear GOD clearly.

The English word “anoint” means to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance; to apply oil as a sacred rite especially for consecration; to designate as if by ritual anointment.*

“Anointing” would be to ‘anoint’ someone or something in ‘real-time.’

Once you have received the “Anointing” you are “Anointed.” It seems almost too obvious to have to state, but there is a reason for being overly clear on this point.

There are several definitions for the act of “anointing.” We are specifically looking at “anointing toward consecration” rather than the anointing of bread with butter. “Consecration” means to separate, to authorize, to set apart for a particular work or service or office.
–          Aaron was anointed high priest before GOD in the Tabernacle of Moses
–          Saul was anointed king of Israel
–          David was anointed king of Israel

 “Anointing” is the present act of someone who has the authority to do so ‘marking’ you, singling you out, commissioning you to do that thing for which you are “Anointed.” 

3. What it is not

The “Anointing” is not that thing for which you were “anointed.” 

The “Anointing” is not the power or authority for that which you were “anointed.”

The “Anointing” is not a thing to be desired without caution.

The “Anointing” is not a thing lightly given or given away.

The “Anointing” is not a thing to be coveted.

4. What it will do

The “Anointing” is GOD’s approval and sanction for what it is He wants you to do with Him.
–          Aaron and his sons, Exodus 29.21; Exodus 40.15; Leviticus 8.12, 30
–          Moses anoints the Tabernacle and everything in it, Leviticus 8.10
–          To be empowered to oversee His possession, 1 Samuel 10.1
–          To be empowered to greatness, 1 Samuel 16.13
–          To be sanctioned and sealed in your role given to you, 1 Kings 1.39
–          To teach you and to abide in Him, 1 John 2.27 

The “Anointing” sets you apart for a specific task or duty.

Isaiah 61.1-2a KJV “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives,  and the opening of the prison to them that are bound, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord…” [Luke 4.18] 

The “Anointing” empowers you to do that which GOD has called you to do.

Acts 10.38 KJV “… GOD anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for GOD was with him. 

 5. Receiving your “Anointing” 

The “Anointing” is GOD’s commissioning of what it is you do in the Kingdom of GOD. Make certain it is authentic! 

When you pray [asking from your lower position to a higher one] believe you receive, doubt not in your heart [the center, the core of your being].

Having received your “Anointing” you are now “Anointed.”

Walk in that thing for which you were “Anointed.”

It is just that simple.

 *According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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In feudal, fiefal, aristocratic, and monarchial societies there are kings & princes, queens & princesses. These positions are for the select few who by birth, selection, or might of arm have attained them. They are lords and ladies over government. They govern by right, by might, by leave of those governed. But to desire their position by covetousness or jealousy is to sit upon Damocles’ thrown with a threat held back by a hair thin thread. What if it was different?

What if, from the beginning, it was decided that YOU were to be trained to rule and reign?

What if, from the beginning, it was decided that YOU had to overcome problems, to become skilled in the use of Wisdom, to be skilled in the identification of the roots of problems, to find equitable solutions that work and produce profitable results?

From the beginning, before the foundations of the world, it was decided that YOU would rule and reign, but only if you did it right. Your progenitor, Adam, has put in your hands the choice to do good or evil, to do that which is right and wise or to do that which is wrong and leads to death. Heady decisions for one so young. Life and death have been given over to your hand. Your words are the executors of your judgments.

The first affected by your words or actions is YOU. As your ancestors have faced the decisions of life and death, to choose wisely or foolishly, so will you. In the moment of the crisis of decision, will you chose life or death? They are within the power of your tongue to speak, within the power of your hand to act. YOU chose life or death and the results thereof.

Do not be surprised or dismayed that you find yourself in diverse problems. That is what ROYALTY is there to resolve. Leaders of government are there to resolve difficulties, to find resolution to problems. A quick fix will result in a quick resolution but it is trimming the verge and not rooting out the problem. It will be faced again and again until resolved correctly.

The God of Adam, Noah, & Moses decided a long time ago to make a people like Himself; in His image and likeness He made Adam. Adam decided poorly, going against the Wisdom of God, and reaped the fruit of his decision.

It was not until the arrival of Yshua Ha Massiach [aka Jesus, the Messiah] that realization of who we should be started to make serious impact. From Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abram, from Abraham to Moses and onward, we ‘humans’ were like so many ants crawling across the face of the Earth. To borrow from Shakespeare, strutting and fretting our hour upon the stage, the sound and the fury signifying nothing, then heard of no more.

Jesus taught that we ‘humans’ are the children of God, the god spoken of by Adam through Noah, from Noah to Moses and beyond. That God, the God of Israel – if we are His children, then we are destined to rule and reign with Him. But what wise king would allow a fool like a jester to rule his kingdom? If a wise king would not, how much more so the Creator of the Universe not allow one not truly prepared to rule to rule? He would not.

How would one prepare a son to be a prince? A daughter a princess? Through instruction and wise counsel, through teaching what is good and profitable, and through teaching what is not.

When the princeling comes to an age of understanding, they are given more responsibilities and allowed to be a prince or princess. If they do well, they maintain their state; if they do not, what was given is taken back.

YOU and I are destined to rule and reign with Christ Jesus. It is so. Just accept that. If you are not prepared for this destiny, you will fail and you may not even be allowed to enter into this grace.

The God of the Universe has been speaking to YOU from before you were in your mother’s womb. He has been counseling you, advising you, telling you what is good and profitable or what is bad and will result in loss. Many chose, as Adam did, not to listen to God and fail. Some listen but do not act. Few listen and respond.


Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and YOU will be saved from a judgment to come.

Do what He has said YOU should do, according to His Words and according to His Counsel.

LISTEN to His Counsel that things might be well with you.

You are destined to rule and reign.

You will have problems in this life; and in the life to come.

Be prepared!

Dave Doc Rogers
A word of warning to those that will take it.

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