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In the United States of America, when the People forget They are the government those with aspirations to power and control rule all those who will not or choose not. As it was stated by Mr A.Lincoln, a government of the People, by the People, for the People. When that is forgotten, the People become the slaves of the whims of government.

In Socialism, it is conformity to the social norms as imposed by the masses or majority rule. It is a form of democracy in that majority rules until docility occurs. Docility occurs when the social norm becomes ‘let others do for me, I am only concerned with me.’ When the majority sides in docile form, the minorities vie for power and control. Out of the morass comes the victor of dictatorship, a tyrant is born. The titling of the tyrant does not matter. The form remains the same. The results of tyranny remain the same. Those outside the voice of the tyrant become the ‘abnormal’ and not ‘representative’ of the masses.

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