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Okay. So ‘prolificy’ is not really a word, or did I just make it one? In any event it speaks to my former frequency in writing and how in 2012 I was not so much. I surmise I may have focused on politics and social media discussions rather than Word Press and Tumblr. I do not think I wrote anything more than just one poem that was not socio-political commentary. It seems those words fell to deaf ears anyway. Disappointing, really.

Now I find myself introspective and fairly caught up on those things I would like to see. Thanks, Netflix. I have also noted that broadcast TV has discovered there is an internet market and they will endure commercials just like antenna viewers. Eventually old radio guys and B&W TV guys will realize the potential market is larger than their little box they think in.

So back to introspection. I thought about what it is I like to do. Then I thought about my writing. My current, or last, project was a book. I revisited it and was pleasantly surprised by the progress. My book of short stories now sits at 40k+ words and 167 pages nearly ready for formatting. I just have to finish a few more stories, a few more edits, a little formatting and design work, et voila! It’s publishable. This would be my third publish. Yeah, kind of excited about that.

So this year will be about writing more. Write more. Blog more. Wax poetic more. Be lyrical more. Yep, he writes music too.

So, that’s my deal for 2013. Let see just how many times I can publish this year. I have at least 20 good book ideas. Let’s see how many can come to fruition. I sure hope there are some readers still out there. It makes my calling and desired vocation more meaningful if there are.

See ya in the funny papers!

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by Dave “Doc” Rogers

It is interesting how in the United States no one thinks about what they have until someone tries to take it away. I may be speaking from my bias of 48 years of living, bouncing around the USA for a bit, several trips to Europe courtesy of the US Navy, and having friends from around the globe giving me their perspectives. Okay, I am speaking from that bias. But, it is still interesting how people here in the US will do nothing until threatened with losing it all. 

I have observed that a majority of the people in the United States are content with 40+ hours of work every week, 2 or 3 weeks of vacation every year, and trying to keep up with their neighbors’ consumer goods spending. It is the “American Dream” after all, owning a 3/2/2 with the kids and the dog. It is not everyone’s dream but Madison Avenue and partners have created that as the standard. And left undisturbed, the majority of people happily fit into that mold. What is discounted as unimportant – except at holidays and tax season – is the number of people on the outer fringes of this majority. There is the lower spectrum of people that do not have and are in need – hence, your holiday and tax deductible giving. The lower spectrum of people live daily with someone taking from them: the ‘man,’ the thief, the cop, the politician, the neighborhood parasites, et cetera. And there is the upper spectrum; the well educated and/or affluent. The objective of the rich is to remain so. The objective of the well educated rarely has anything to do with the furtherance of education and feeding young minds to drive the next generation. Typically, the well educated become bastions of social reform, change, or out right manipulation in ‘experiment.’ This is especially so when someone from the lower spectrum rises through to the upper spectrum of the well educated. They become champions of social change. 

When the status quo becomes ‘stale’ and tried and boring, the complainers rise up periodically and say that because their particular ‘thing’ is not important to everybody it is not getting enough attention. They rile at the establishment and chant ‘change’ until like a whiny child they get it; whether it is right or not. Then the experimenters come out of the woodwork like parasites attacking a host and establish themselves co-laborers in a just cause, all the while espousing their own brand of political and social reforms. Then it occurs to the majority in the middle. It slips through the gauze of veiled misdirection and hinted at truths. It sneaks into the information flow to the silent majority in their slumber world of make believe ‘all is well in the cul-de-sac.” And, a child points out the emperor is wearing no clothes. 

First there is shock and disbelief that someone would point out contrarily things are not what they seem to be. Then some begin to believe the truth while others hold fast they can see the fine threadwork because it makes them as special as those closest to the emperor. The end result remains the same. Truth remains true. And the emperor quickly runs to hide his under-alls; every lie and deception having been exposed. Not only is this a tale told to children, but history keeps bearing this out over time. No wonder no one teaches history as living, vibrant, and relevant. If they did it would be harder to sell the invisible threads of deception. 

If we are not careful what we have taken as ‘granted’ becomes a permission that can be removed by the ‘grantor.’ Freedom of speech, press, lawful assembly, religion … these aren’t free. There is a cost associated to each one of them. The rights established by a government are ink on paper; hexadecimal data bits in electromagnetic storage; ideas that carry the full weight of their disposable media. Fire burns paper. Loss of power or too much power ruins electronic storage. Even the hammer, weather, and earthquakes destroy stone and steel. There is nothing of permanence on the face of the Earth. Save one thing. People. 

I have heard, and occasionally joined in, that people complain they cannot join their social network online or they ‘got themselves TOS’ed.’ I have heard it said and even thought it myself, that ‘they can’t do that.’ Yes, they can. It is a business. You are not ‘righted’ to use their service. It is not a privilege to use their service. It is a granted permission to use their service. Such granting can be removed at the pleasure, want, desire, decision, et cetera of the primary provider with or without written notification. It is by ‘permission’ that users are allowed to utilize those services; agreed to by licking yes, I agree, OK, or some other similar convention. The news media and the social networks, the internet services, the printed media [newspapers and magazines] are not required in the least to give you access or voice. They are required by their owners to find a way to take your money; whether by advertising or by transfer of goods for funds. It is a for-profit business. 

The watch-out is when those who have been elected or appointed begin to think and believe [live out as if true and valid] that governance has become a business unto itself. And if governance is an entity unto itself it is no longer required to respond back to those governed. Outside of the United States of America and a few other real democratic republics, governance is the entity and those governed are governed at its pleasure. Inside the United States of America government of the people, by the people, and for the people is slowly eroding away. Great speeches made by men and women in difficult situations painting a hope that should not pass away have fallen on seemingly deaf ears. 

“We the people …” 

It is when the guiding documents that direct our method of governance remain alive through the people that continue to support it that the piece of paper with inked words becomes vibrant, alive. It is when the piece of paper inked with words becomes sacred, holy text that only a limited few can see or grasp the depths of understanding necessary to glean its wisdom that it becomes a noose around the necks of those so governed. 

The radical few would like to think that by their many and loud words they can shut down the opposing voices crying out. They think that if they cower the masses with twisty words of guilt and shame, of bigotry and prejudice; that to think a certain way will require the individual to decide on whose side they will stand. Psychology tells us that rather than act, the masses will allow themselves to be steered as so much cattle or sheep. Shall I remind the reader where all those masses of livestock were being gently steered? While in the wild the longhorn cattle fought the good fight of survival. Survival was dependent upon instinct, effort, and mutual protection. As ranches formed up, the longhorns adapted to easy grazing for several years until en masse they were led to the slaughterhouses of Fort Worth, Kansas City, and Chicago. Survival requires effort. Passive sustenance only requires a parasite. 

The social networks provide a service but want your money. Their advertising partners want your money. The various news media provide information and shock for money. Their advertisers pay them to shock or entice the viewer into looking at their advertising to induce buying. They are businesses out to make money. They will find a way to make that happen. They do not owe you anything except to skillfully try to take your money. The value of the product depends on those selling it. 

The danger lies in the various media using the collective passive social change influence. For years that was passive and a service of advertising for manufacturers’ products. Then the marketeers began applying ‘the con’ to selling advertising; a psychology to manipulate an outcome. Until now they are bloated ticks on a sedentary host too blinded to realize its state. That manipulation, that con, has been applied to our current governance. If you are aligned with those pulling the string attached to the nose of the bull then you are praised and favored. If you point out that the string pulling the ring is attached to people, you are decried as insane, a radical, uncouth, contrary, against the establishment, racist, hater, et cetera. Woe to you should you point out to the world that it is the emperor in his clothes of invisible thread who is actually naked and pulling the ring in the nose of the people. Hmm. 

I wonder how long I will be able to write such before I am shut down and heard from no more. After all, I own no media outlets to keep my voice going. The social networks allow my presence at their pleasure. The mainstream media do not accept anyone’s opinion except their own. Mark my words, your individual sovereignty is at stake. Enjoy. 

© 20091024

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