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The original link to this video is below but that page is no longer supported, so I did some digging and updated this post. There are some additional links added below the original.

My intent by this is not to counter-bash the homosexual agenda. Nope. My intent is to stop the requirement that everyone must accept the homosexual agenda just because they want it so. Where does it say I must in the US Constitution? I have several copies. I cannot find where I am required to like or support someone else’s ideals just because they have them. I see where the US Constitution says they can have them. They can even peacefully assemble and discuss them. But, I do not see where I am required to like, support, affirm, attend, adhere to, or in any other way acknowledge their agenda or belief. I can and do acknowledge their right and privilege to have such beliefs within the USA and under our US Constitution. It does not mean I support what they are doing.

In fact, I have never required anyone to adhere to or otherwise support my beliefs. I have never required anyone to like or accept Jesus as Savior or Lord. I sure wish they would, but I have never ‘required’ or forced anyone to accept my ideals. So, why should I accept theirs? There seems to be a double standard. Could it be that within our beliefs that we acknowledge certain lifestyles are immoral, sin, and acts against the God of the Bible? Could it be that those practitioners of said lifestyles have a tinge of guilt and it adds to their doubts that others do not accept them? Too bad.

Look, if certain segments have self-acceptance issues and their only self-justification comes from requiring others to accept their behaviors as normal, not going to happen. I do not have to accept what you do as normal. I have no obligation anywhere that says I must. So, get over yourselves, politely, and let me and mine alone. Thanks!

I am finding it difficult to believe this censorship. Amazing.

New links to the same story.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ootrp7KSZDg (part 1 of 7)

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