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It is Saturday. I get to go to church tomorrow. To the Church in America … enjoy that freedom while you can. There are those who are actively against you having that freedom. They do not realize the blade they use is two edged. What they use against the Church will be turned on them next. The captors become the captive. Sad.


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What is Prophecy? 

From Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary – Unabridged, the word prophecy came from the Greek word prophetes, a prophet. The English definition of the word is “prediction of the future under the divine guidance; act or practice of a prophet.” The Greek word prophetes came from pro – before and phanai – to speak. Literally, a prophet is one who speaks a thing before it comes to pass. Webster defines prophet as a person who speaks for God… as though under divine guidance.

The prophets of the Bible were men and women who had ongoing relationships with God, YHWH Elohim. And, at times, God had these men and women speak for Him. God has chosen from time to time men and women to speak to kings and princes, to governments and governors, and to the people in the world. Moses was a prophet to the children of Israel. Jeremiah was called to be a prophet to nations. God gave gifts to the Church. One of those gifts was the office of the prophet. God gave the gifts of word of prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and the discernment of spirits.

The Biblical prophet did not only speak of things yet to come, but spoke of things currently happening. God is concerned with every aspect of our lives; the things that are and the things that are to come. God has used, and is using, persons in the office of the prophet to proclaim nationally and internationally those things that He wants to come to pass, to prepare us all. God uses prophets to confirm what God is speaking into our hearts. God uses prophets to speak confirming words to those who deny Him or who are in need of comfort. 

Do not desire to be a prophet. Your life becomes forfeit. Your will becomes forfeit. A true prophet of God must walk in the steps that God has appointed him or her. They speak the will and words of God. A false prophet or one who claims to speak for God but speaks for themselves or their own profit lays a judgment upon themselves. God will meet out the judgment in the fullness of time. I caution you, be sure that a thing is from God, of God, before uttering it. Desire not the office, but the officiator. The blessing in the life of someone called to be a prophet, a true prophet of God, is the close walk with God; the close relationship with God. Moses spoke with God face to face. Elijah spoke with God in a whisper. Isaiah spoke with God from a sinner’s fear. God (YHWH Elohim) alone is God, and there are no other gods (elohim).

God’s words do not contradict. Anything that God will say through His prophets will compliment and match what He has said through His earlier prophets. God’s prophetic words will not contradict His earlier testimonies, the Bible. What God has said will come to pass. Those things that He has said do not come back to Him unless they have accomplished that which He purposed them to do. If you do not know what God has said previously, you have no way of verifying the “prophetic” word that was given. If you have not taken to yourself the habit of studying God’s Word, the Bible, you may find yourself tossed about on every wind and wave of doctrine, floundering like a cork in a rough sea. Let every word of prophecy be established. Weigh it against the Bible, time, and prayer. If additional confirmation is needed, God will confirm His word. The Bible, in both Old and New Testaments, shows that any testimony or word should be established by two or three witnesses.  

Pursue God, YHWH Elohim. Establish Him in your own heart. Pursue Him, a right relationship with Him, and His wisdom; and you may not need the prophetic, because He has established Himself in you and with you. But, because God is God, and no other is like Him, He just may sovereignly announce things out loud just because He is God and declares a thing before it comes to pass so that you and the world may know He alone is God.

Amen (so be it!)

© 20060813 Dr. David J. Rogers

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