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I like this comment from a friend’s blog: “These provisions can be meager or they can be mammoth, depending on His calling on our lives.” She was referring to a prayer about ‘daily bread’ or manna provision.

Link: Manna Living Myth Busters

The discussion started with this video: I dare you to pray this

My friend, Donna Schillinger, posted the video to Facebook. I saw the video and appreciated the humble sentiment with which it was made. However, it didn’t sit well with me. Actually, it stirred me up a bit because there is so much more do that having ‘just enough’ cannot supply. So I commented.

“I understand ‘manna’ living – just enough, fresh everyday; but I ask that God – our Father – give me all He can so I can do my part to fund or go to all of the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature. Amen.”

Some are challenged with living humbly and respectfully before God, and that is good. Others are challenged by a larger world. Both have their challenges ever before them. The challenge and question is not whether one is more pious or greater than the other. The real challenge is managing what God has given us to manage. Therein lies our daily bread.

A problem arises when we are also given our seed to sow and our bread to eat. Some have taken to assuming all given is ‘bread to eat’ and they consume it all. Any farmer will tell you that is folly.

Manage the vineyards God has given you to manage. If that is faithful in the day-to-day work place or as an entrepreneur or as person of great wealth. Each one has a responsibility to God, our Father, as to how those assets were managed.

Now some will say ‘all I have is enough.’ My father is one of those.

Others will look at what they have and see opportunities to additionally bless and ask as Jabez to expand their tents.

Others will look around at all they have been blessed with and say as Nebuchadnezzar did, ‘Look what the God of Israel has done in my life’ and then tell all of those under his influence.

As each is given a measure of faith, each is given the ability of trusting God to meet their daily need. Some get greedy and ask God to help meet the needs of others.

There is nothing wrong at any state you find yourself. In need, need just met, need exceeded, exceeded need to help meet the needs of others.

Find out from God, where your ‘need’ is.

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