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When King David was old and nearing death, he called his son Solomon and told him he was about to die, that Solomon would need to be strong and show himself a man. It happens. One generation passes, another generation remains. How many times has that happened? Countless times. Each generation is left with taking up what the previous generation set down.

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Find a way to win.

Sometimes winning is just not losing.

Sometimes winning is not beating the other guy but better execution.

Sometimes you have to find your own Kirk solution to the Kobiyashi Maru.

Sometimes you prepare the field before the contest – Sun Tsu.

Sometimes you go with what you know, not what they know – David ben Jesse of Israel.

Sometimes finding a way to win means slowing down to think things through.


When things get tough, grin.

When everyone else is losing their head, smile.

When everyone else is at wit’s end, laugh.

You are not them. You relish in confusion because your mind is clear. You face adversity head on because you know you are king of the challenge. You stand where others falter.

You are able to see all things as one. Nothing escapes your notice.

If one thing does not work, try another. You know there is a way. Just find it.

When I slow down I speed up.

Slow things down, think them through.

Solutions require active pursuit to find them. Sometimes they hide in plain sight.

Your strength is not their strength. Use their strength against them.

Use what you know. Use what they know against them.

Find the gap and take the advantage.

There is a way to win. Slow down. Think it through. And find it.

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