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The evidence of things unseen.

The hardest part about faith is not seeing. It is a concept that by trusting the words that are spoken by God, who is Elohim (All Mighty), are so sure and true that they take on the same tangible, sensible aspects of hard, physical evidence. To out limited minds and spiritual awareness, anything that is not seen and touchable is difficult to believe. The state of Missouri gained reputation of being the “Show Me” state, because so many of the inhabitants would not believe something unless they saw it. Jesus was quoted in Matthew 12:39 as saying, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, …”

A sign: hard, physical evidence


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My spirit is full. My spirit and mind are full of hurt from seeing a people lost and a Church of hate. These things ought not be so.  (more…)

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Why President and Dems hurry to nationalize health care
by Dallas Church & State Examiner, Doc Rogers
Source: www.examiner.com

I was sent an article from the AFA as a forward from Ben Stein of the American Spectator*. In the aritcle he really attacked President Obama, his previous to presidency positions, his academia, his socio-community leadership, his religious mentor, and some of his current positions…

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