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I just watched the debate on YouTube. While I am glad to hear good discourse on the current situation in the US, I am not really hearing leadership. I am hearing pick-on-you, pick-on-me, and my-program-is-best.

If the Republicans want a strong voting block and TEA Party backing the will have to find leadership somewhere in the depth of their rhetoric.

The US (and by extension the world – because the US economy is still 25% of global) needs strong, capable, able leadership that is going to lead and not experiment with failed government types that have been proven failures around the rest of the world.

The US Constitution and sound business practice within the government itself will help create an environment where business leadership and entrepreneurs can feel comfortable making risk decisions for new markets, products, and services. People working (from leaders taking risk) will right the US ship of state IF Washington DC also takes a leadership role and manages government back to original concepts for US government – rather than social experimentation where Big Brother pays for it all out of the pockets of those who are able to make more than they use.

Final assessment of this debate: disappointed

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Shouldn’t the Democrats be nervous about how poorly guised their voted-in reps have been about running a socialist agenda? Very few Dems I know are really into the fed government owning and running everything … actually, I don’t know any…. Those folks in WDC need to stop thinking they own it all and they run it all. Can we call a special no-confidence election before 2010?

When some rep in Congress sitting in committee hearing testimony tells the CEO of Shell it is her ‘liberal’ agenda to take over his business … to socializing the oil company.

Watch this from YouTube. Maxine Waters (D) CA and her recorded liberal agenda.

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