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Yes folks, I have been elected. I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Creekside at Preston Home Owners Association. Woohoo!

Actually, a bigger deal than first appears. Not only are these people my neighbors who live just down the street but there are about 800 families that I represent. So, I am taking this serious.

But, who woulda thunk it? Me, an elected official.

It certainly felt strange and sobering to look into the faces of so many people and see that look of expectant hope and me not wanting to fail them.

“We’re counting on you.”

What a weighty phrase when someone places their trust in you, makes a point of coming up to you after the public election to tell you too. Hmmm. Weighty in deed.

How is it that so many politicians can disregard those faces, those words, those stares of expectant hope? How is it those faces are forgotten for personal agenda? This bothers me… greatly actually.

Well, there’s my sharing.

Dave Doc Rogers
Project 2012 Mastermind

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