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Vacillating expressions of sincerity
Within pools of the politico-sensitive
Steered by the whims of whomever
Front facing acquiescence
At the moment of feigned attention
Having all of the absolute tenacity and firmness
A bowl of Jell-O
A s’mored marshmallow
Politicians and lawyers
Whims of the moment
Words spoken to appease
Not resolve or release
Emotive expressions of empathy
Hiding deceptive hands
Plowing through the pockets
Workers becoming the uneffected masses
A new aristocracy born
Unions and management
Lovers seeking hiddens trysts
Only to be discovered
Then quietly hidden again
CEO, MC, Senator
Who is in whose pocket
Unwilling to commit
Absolute in waiver
Resolute in dillution
Diffraction of responsibility
Teflon, Mr. Non-Stick
Politicians and lawyers
Twisters of words
Deflectors of truth
Whimsy is want
Truth sold …
… gotta keep praying for them

… gotta keep praying for them

… gotta keep praying for them

… gotta keep going …

© 2009 Doc Rogers

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