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From time to time I am hit with insomnia. I just can’t sleep. I want to sleep. But ‘things’ keep me awake. Last night it was the movie “The Kingdom” starring Jamie Fox, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, and Ashraf Barhom. It is a ‘gritty’ movie, but it does give one insights into the culture of the Kingdom of Saud. And that is what I needed to see.

No, I did not need to see the mechanizations of a terror cell. I found myself, as I often do as a writer, watching the people. These people that are so often painted as ‘the enemy’ by propagandists trying to sell air or newsprint overlook the fact that these are people. So I watched the people.

There is a disparity in religion and in culture; but you cannot take away the human side of being human. Fathers still love their sons and daughters. Wives their husbands. Sons and daughters their fathers and mothers. They are people. Think on that a bit.

The movie painted Americans as pushy and arrogant. From my own travels abroad, those are the ones that get noticed most often. I did not socialize with them when I could. Sometimes they were with me so I remained quiet and in the background, observing. Pushy, foul mouthed Americans driving hard to get their own way or [queue Jeremy Piven] manipulate events for the best possible outcomes.

In fairness, the stereotype was cast upon the locals as well. Saudi princes with pomp, show, and indecision. Saudi generals who are cruel and dictatorial. Internal squabbling between the forces [army versus police]. Yeah, it was not a pretty picture.

With stereotypes flying around, explosions for the movie ticket buyers, guns & bullets, grenades & rocket launchers, it was a stuntguy flick. In the midst of that we see a story unfold.

So here I am watching this movie and I kept thinking to myself, these people are not my enemies. These people are also sons and daughters of Noah, descendents of Adam, creations of the one true and living God. I see the pain and the difficulties of life affecting them as people. The suffering of a father seeing how his son suffers from the injustices of a political false accusation.

I want to go meet these people. Stare them in the face. Get to know them. Find a way to show them the love of God through a living prophet, Jesus the Salvation of God’s People. And that would be the starting point.

Hand in hand with my brothers and sisters around the globe we would return to the original job description, … tend the Earth, have rule and dominion, be fruitful and multiply it.

Alas, what can I say to a world that seeks more deities than there are people; who seeks division more than vision; who would rather listen to the deceptions of power-made politicians intent on sending someone else’s sons and daughters off to die for causes they are too afraid to meet personally.

It is my personal experience that people are great. It takes a politician to make someone hate someone else for gain.

Islam means submission. It was said in the movie, so I looked it up. Which made me look up Muslim; which means one who submits to God. Submission means a mission that supports a bigger mission or over mission. I can see that.

I am certain that among the Muslim there are those that greatly fear and serve God whole-heartedly. I do too. Our commonality ends with this though. I prophesy that Jesus, Yhshua, is the Anointed Salvation of God’s People. None can reach God without going through Him. And, this is not because I say it is so. It is so because it is so. Simply ask Him for yourselves.

So I end this bit of writing in prayer for a brother and a sister that is in another part of the world … may be in Saud, Persia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hindi, or wherever on this planet. I ask the Creator of Heaven and Earth to confirm His witness of His Son in their lives because I love them and do not wish to see them suffer alone. Amen.

© 2009 Dr. David J. Rogers

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