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Okay. Today, I went to show a friend who is interested in blogging my pages. I have this one for writing my opinions and others that are newsletters or creative writing. In showing the theme I use and walking him through how easy it is to use (nice run on sentence there), I noted I have been at this with WordPress for ten years this month. Wow!


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I started out my online art as a writer. As it turns out my visual art has also found an audience online. I have a point of presence on See.Me (davedocrogers.see.me). At first it was just a place to put some interesting pieces of visual art, until I was invited to participate in a showing in NYC. That show, Creatives Rising, runs through Oct 5th, 2013, and caps the show with a projection of art onto a 42 story skyscraper. My piece is time slotted for 1031p ET. So, if you are in Queens go see the show and have fun at the block party.

As it turns out, I have had really positive feedback on my visual art. Nice. And thank you! And I received an invitation to participate with the Art Takes Paris show. Nice again.

This time around there is a show coming to Miami. You guessed it, Art Takes Miami.

Within the See.Me community how they gauge participation in special feature events is through the number of support clicks the artist or art receives. This is done through the “Support Me” button. There is a registration, I think. It keeps the roboto clicks to a minimum, so it is real people not a computer liking the art.

So, visit davedocrogers.see.me and click the “Support Me” button and help me get into additional shows and special events showings. I appreciate you and your support of my surprise-to-me talent with visual art. They will only tally support clicks from October 1 – 31.


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