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This is something I realized I was doing when I had a moment of intraspection. I realized my problem solving, solution finding, analytical tool was in fact ‘living algebra.’ Finally, it made sense.

(+)(-)(x) = (y)

Do you know your math?

Living Algebra first takes into consideration the positive variables, or the absolute value of (+). Then Lving Algebra considers the negative variables, or the absolute value of (-). Then Living Algebra details all of the variables that could be ‘x’ and defines them to the absolute value of (x). All of this leads us to the absolute value of (y). ‘Y’ or why you are going through this exercise in the first place. (y) defines the absolute details of the endstate, the end product, the desired outcome, … the ‘why.’

It is best to solve for ‘y’ first. Without solving for ‘y’ first you will not know if you got to your solution or note. You need an endstate or desired / antcipated outcome.

Living Algebra, my friends, if you learn this tool, it will greatly benefit your analytics down the road of life.


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