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Jesus said to his disciples, “I will not leave you as orphans. I will ask of the Father and He will send a Comforter.”[1] The comfort in this life is God. Because of what Jesus did, and the price he paid, we can be one with the Father just as Jesus is.[2] What Jesus did changed an earthly dynamic Adam created.[3] Because of what Jesus did, Man no longer needs to be separate from God.

There are several theologies and dogma regarding the the Holy Spirit. The Bible has a simpler theology. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Living God. Since Jesus did what he did (preach the kingdom of God, the cross, the grave, resurrection, sit at God’s right hand), there is now an opportunity to return to the right relationship with God – the Creator of Heaven and Earth. At first God and Man were together. They worked together. The Father told Man to tend the Garden, but God was right there with Man the whole time. Man could directly and immediately rely on God for any immediate need. Everything Man needed was at hand. At Man’s sin – act of separation from God, Man was left to rely upon his own efforts.

Jesus changed that. After mellenia of being effectively separate in life from God, Jesus made a way for Man to reunite. Sin was a decsion to separate from God. The price of that is death; death of the spirit. The correction was a decision to choose God, even unto death, without waiver. And, Jesus did that. Now for us, it is a simple choice to walk with God. The judgment price has been paid by Jesus. Because of this, we now have right and access to the living, life-giving Spirit of God.

Who is God? God is the one who created us all, the one in whose image we are created. We were to be His children. Sin separated us. Jesus created the opportunity for us to be back together again, and that by the simple choice to accept and believe that what Jesus did at the cross was enough to repair the breech, to allow God and Man to be one again.

His Holy Spirit is key to that relationship. His Holy Spirit is not a third Christian deity. The Holy Spirit is the essence and life of God manifested to us. Life is impossible without the Holy Spirit, but being baptized or overwhelmed by His Holy Spirit is different. By His Holy Spirit His presence is fully with us, around us, and through us. We can go through, include, and participate in this life with Him in all things. 

The Holy Spirit is not a power to be used by us. The Holy Spirit is not a foreign power within us. The Holy Spirit is not sorcerous or magical or mystical power we control or that comes upon us. 

The Holy Spirit is God, with whom we need to cultivate a relationship. The Holy Spirit is God present with us. The Holy Spirit is the holy, pure presence of God manifested in the Earth to help us get through this life successfully. Success in this life is learning to walk with, rely upon Him, toward an everlasting relationship with Him; measured in now moments.

The Holy Spirit is my purest friend, my One upon whom I rely, my ever present Mighty One, Jehovah Elohim.

Learn to lean on, rely on, trust in Him. Believe on Jesus Christ. Receive the living God’s Holy Spirit. Discover not a power but One who has power, who is power, to change everything in your life. Begin  a new walk with Him. Ask Him, test Him with this. Walk with Him.

[1]John 14.16-18; [2]John 21.21; [3]Genesis 3.17; 


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