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The Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee is more than just being born in the USA. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees the citizenship of those naturalized or those born to USA citizens.

Too many people have misinterpreted the Constitution to say “if they are born here, they are US citizens.” That would be wrong. To be a citizen of the USA you have to be under the jurisdiction of the US Constitution; meaning to say, the Constitution has to apply to you.


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The current US Congress, White House, and Washington bureaucracies do not understand budgets and their purpose. To most, a budget is a piece of paper that says this is what we will spend but you know we will exceed that. Why? Why are there so many politicians and fiduciary gluttons in government? Whatever happened to managing the affairs of state to the benefit of the people? The early Presidents of the US warned following citizens to pay off the government debt in the same year or in a reasonable time. It is a form of insanity to deny reality and truth. I think they call it dementia.


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There are some Christian preachers that seem to be more public speaker, christian psychologist, or religious speaker with Judeo-Christian source materials. I listened to one such person today. This person effectively berated the audience for twenty minutes or more. I saw the edited version on television so was saved from the full message. I kept saying “So where is the good news?” I got up several times and walked around my living room muttering to myself and even waved my arms around a bit. I could not help think: “This is not what Jesus meant, intended, nor preached.” The preacher proclaimed no hope. That was the central message: no hope. What?

I have read the Judeo-Christian Bible several times, in several different versions, in several different languages, including several different sources for the Hebrew and Greek. In none of those translations did I ever find the message of no-hope that I heard this morning; and this by a nationally known speaker. Willickers!!

It is true that ‘sin’ keeps us from being our best. As good as we work at anything, sin keeps us from our true potential. But to understand why you have to know what sin is. Sin is not just acts of ‘evil’ or acts of not being Christian. Sin means being separate from the God of the Bible. Keep it just that simple so you can understand the fix.

God understood in the system He created there would be only one way for a permanent fix to sin: Jesus would have to die and His children would have to accept that death as payment for their life.

There is a really long and detailed explanation of all of this. It is better to buy a decent Bible translation and read it for understanding – rather than for historicity, religion, or duty. Then ask God lots of really good questions, expecting Him to answer you. He will.

Sin is the word that describes our acts of doing things without God. Jesus came into this world and showed us what a life with God should look like. Then Jesus taught that life was possible through God’s messiah. Jesus used terms like “son of God”, “son of Man”, “I am”  to describe himself. All of these things pointed back to prophesies God had already spoken where the messiah would repair the breech between God and Man. And, that is what God did through Jesus at the cross on Golgotha when Jesus said “It is finished.”

The good news is this: God saw sinful Man and sent Himself as His son that He might show us His love for us and sacrifice Himself that we might have life with Him. Just simply believe, receive, accept that in your inward heart – your spirit – and you will have eternal life with God. You can begin to have that eternal life now, with God, walking with God, with God doing all things… starting right now.

I have an eternal relationship with God – right now – because of what Jesus did for me on a cross, in a grave, and in heaven. I walk with God because after all of that God did not give up on me and showed me just how much He loved me by loving me and pointing me continually to the life of Jesus. You see, Jesus is alive. The Bible tells me so. God tells me so. And, I have seen him. You cannot take that away from me. You need to meet Jesus and talk.

Yes, there is a lot of sin and some have done worse than others in their sin. Yes, there are other beliefs and other gods – that word only means ‘powerful one’. But, there is only one who will forgive all the sin, shame, and guilt. There is only one that can repair the breech between you and God. And there is only one true and living God and He looks to Jesus to be your source to introduce you to God, your Father.

My relationship with God is so much greater than words I can put to page or say. It all started because He loved me enough to give me a way out. His way out is Jesus. Go find him.

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