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Okay. This is a bit of a peeve. So, a president’s wife writes a book sounds more like her political theology rather than sound anthropological and historical evidence: It Takes A Village. I may not be a PhD in history or anthropology but with the little research and study I have done in history and anthropology, the old school villages were actually extended family units. The eldest male or female became the patriarchs/matriarchs and led the extended family. These patriarchs/matriarchs also ensured parents took care of their own children. Now for the children, well, they could not get away with misbehaving, because the extended family was everywhere and if anyone was out of line that got back to the parents, and the parents dealt with it.

It has been implied that the parents of their own children are not the ones responsible for raising and teaching their children. The implication by certain political theologians is that parents are not responsible for the care and development of the children but the state is … oh wait, I meant the village is. Simply filtered, the ideology comes from Engels and Marx. Take the ownership and responsibility away from the parents and make the children the property of the State. What this creates is the vassal state; also known as, slave state. If a generation of children are taught they are not self-determinant but are dependent on the state and the state leaders for all they have that generation will do whatever those leaders dictate. Does that sound like socialized communism to you? It should. It is a restatement of that political theology. Since its inception and experimentation, no communist or pure socialist state has survived. Yet, current political theologians are pushing for a system of government and dictatorial overbearance that has proven to fail in every country where it was tried.

When Man began procreating, there wasn’t an oversight committee taking the responsibility for training and development of the children from the father and mother of the child. No. The father and mother took the responsibility to train up their child, equip their child for life. Now, the other thing not so often mentioned is those parents where trained by their parents. It takes parents to raise a child. It doesn’t take a village. And, with the help of the parents of the parents, the parents can raise their children to be capable people and parents themselves.

It doesn’t take a village. It takes a family.

Now here is another point to make on this subject of parenting. It is a Dave-ism: bad parents make bad parents.

Parents that have children who do not invest in those children are teaching those children that bad parenting is right, proper, and the norm. It is not. It is selfishness on the part of that parent. And that creates a culture of bad or non-existent parenting. Having village step in and try to correct that will not correct anything. It just makes academic faux-experts experiment on the psychology of child development. Reality check: they are not supposed to be developing children, they are supposed to be developing adult humans. The correction is working with parents and children to give both the skills to be great adults.

Okay. Off of the soap box now. Focus on protecting, encouraging, and developing the family. No village idiots experimenting from a classroom theoretic.

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