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arlingtonnatlcemetery_550Every year in the United States we set aside the last weekend of the month of May as a memorial. To those who have not been directly touched by military sacrifice, it is a weekend of celebrations, cook outs, races, and days at lakes or beaches somewhere. To others, the weekend signifies the end of the school year and Summer commencing.

But to those who have been touched by the sacrifice of so many, the weekend is a remembrance of a person or persons who gave of themselves beyond the measure of most, beyond what is normally expected. They gave their utmost for their family, for their friends, for their fellows in arms, for nations and peoples who may not have known their names, and for a nation whose flag they saluted and was honored to serve. The cost of our freedoms has been borne in the blood, sweat, and tears of those who raised their hand in solemn promise to protect and defend their people, their nation, and their Constitution – that edict of principles and statements which became laws by which a free nation governs itself. (more…)

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