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Just some thoughts, really, on the subject.

What you tolerate does not go away.

Have you ever noticed that those things you don’t mind too much or can’t be bothered to deal with just stay? They just hang around until you become so used to them that you no longer do anything about them. Familiar spirits are like that. They are called ‘familiar’ spirits because they have been around for so long they are a part of the family. Poppycock, you say?

“Oh that. Yeah that’s been in the family for years.”
“Yeah, everyone in my family’s got the diabetes.”
“No matter what we do, the money just seems to go.”
“Yeah. It was something to do with the heart. That runs in our family.”

Enough of that. You get the point. Those ‘things’ will only go away when you decide you are no longer tolerant and kick’em out! It works. There are things that have happened to my family that have not happened to me. I’m intolerant and unaccepting.

Too many get to the Cross of Jesus, find salvation, and set up camp. No wonder they find life difficult and can’t seem to get anybody to come to Church with them. The way some of you look, I wouldn’t want to go to church with you either, … and I’m ordained!

Yes, come to the Cross. It is that place and experience that changes lives, but it is the journey through the Cross that permanently changes lives. If all you do is go to the place of death and sacrifice it is no wonder you look so depressed. There is only pain and suffering at the Cross; as it was intended. It is the journey through the Cross that makes the difference. Go from the Cross to the Grave; grieve, moan, wail, and feel the price of damnation, but come out the other side to Resurrection. There is a new life in Christ in the hope/promise of Resurrection. The old life is dead; take on the new life. Walk around a bit. Enjoy it. But don’t stay there either. Walk with God (the Holy Spirit) toward God (the Father) because of God (the Son) paid it all so you can. Now, wait your turn and learn. Do all He commands you according to His Word, then anticipate Elevation. Yes. Your destiny is to sit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus; He is seated at the right hand of the Father. Guess where you will sit too.

Pray more than you say. It is the secret to true discernment.


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