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Isn’t one way of socializing punitive taxation to ‘tax’ someone into submission? Taxation without a reasonable basis is governmental theft. Madoff went to prison for stealing. Isn’t misuse of tax revenue for personal gain or promoting one’s socialistic, self-agrandizing agenda the same as embezzlement for personal gain?

Our government, the US government model, is there as a watch dog to speak on our behalf. Our government is not the guard dog ensuring everyone stays in step.

This country – the USA – has no vassal class. There is not a monarchy, noblesse, prolitboro overseeing a peasant, serf, or peon class. Once you are a citizen [leagally] of this country (USA) you are one among equals. You do not perform obeisance [bowing down to another]. You have – in this country – individual sovereignty. And, some of that individual sovereignty is ceded toward unified self-government via our US Constitution and its 50 individual states’ constitutions.

Taxation without representation and due course of responsibility to those so taxed led to the disassembly of the largest empire of the 1700s by the cessation of 13 colonies in its American holdings.

If the European models of government were so good, then why has not the USA reverted prior to this century? Even the UK model has changed dramatically from 1789 to 2010. The evidence in this is the BE Commonwealth and their PMs meeting amicably periodically to discuss their combined affairs.

The USA is not like European governments on purpose.

The USA is not like any other government on purpose.

The USA is an opportunity as self government as equals without the restraint of whims of monarchs [whether in name or not, role is still the same … singular leader for life with all powers vested in same].

The USA is where free peoples congregate. The USA is where people go to great efforts and costs to be. The USA has to turn back more than it can take in … legally and currently.

It is a country where success or failure has been put in the hands of the individual. No amount of forcing compliance will work.

This land was discovered by people who were looking for better. This land was colonized by people who were looking to escape the heavy hand of European government. This people group came together and wrenched their freedom from Europe’s mighty hand. This country opened its arms wide to whomever wanted to come here and be free. This country has a culture of being free, standing up for those who wish to be free, fighting for our own freedom, and fighting – at great personal cost – for those who wish to be free.

Taxation funds the government and is necessary. It is how a free and independent people remain free and independent. BUT … when a government is tempted to turn taxation into a noose whereby they can control a people, I must remind that government that there are no slaves in the USA. There are no vassals. There are no serfs. There are no peones. There are no fiefs to your liegelord self styling.

Government – this government of the USA – must remain a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. And if it is not, … there is no place left in the world where it will be. If the big brother of the democractic republics falls, how can the others stand alone?

This government must be run with all of the acumen, energy, and fear of failure that a small business has. Every cost and expense is suspect. Every customer is a joy, the reason to be. A fierce tenacity and ownership to stay alive, to stay afloat, to care for those who in you have placed their trust.

A great weight of 300,000,000+ voices must weigh heaviest on those in Washington DC and in the 50 individual states to ensure prosperity [not redistribution wealth] and an opportunity to make one’s own way unfettered by micromanaging, heavy handed government and psuedo-goverment.

There is not enough money in government to make everyone equal in opportunity. Equality in opportunity comes from the indivdual or it does not. Those who risk all, try and do, just may succeed and succeed well. Those that “do naught” get paid for their efforts. The wage of inactivity is emptiness. Actually, it is a vaccum pulling from those who already have risked all and are rewarded for their efforts.

I have no problem paying tax, even to the Fed. I have a problem with a mentality that says “Spend, spend. If we need more money we will print it and demand more from them.”

Irresponsibility in managing the affairs of others should be criminal when that misconduct impacts the lives of millions.

There has been no real consideration of basis for taxation or spending by this Congress or Presidency. If there had been, then there would have been other, more cost effective plans for the spending bills that have been put forward by this Congress and Executive Administration.

Taxation has become unrestrained. The watch dogs that we let into the field to watch over our affairs have become guard dogs afraid of losing their powers and place. It is time for an Oliver Cromwell of our own making. When a government does not heed the voices of its people it needs to be replaced. Cromwell had the might of his party and the armies of England. We in the USA are better equipped for change. We have a pen and a vote!!

In 2010, remove those who so blatantly disregarded your country for their own personal gain and ‘place in history.’ Whatever happened to country first? Whatever happened to ‘uphold the Constitution’ and the public trust? Whatever happened to ensuring the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity?

We need new watch dogs that are more interested in what is right for this nation and what will still be right 200 years from now.

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