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On a day officially set aside by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, we honor the memory of the settlers of Plymouth Massachusetts who set aside a time to give thanks unto their god for the many blessings they received from the natives of America, from the land itself, and from the hand of providence so graciously provided by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through Jesus our Christ.

Today, set aside some time to review with those who are dearest to you those things you are most thankful for. And do not fail to remember that it is the God of the Bible that has given you the power to gain the wealth of family, friends, blessings, and things.

Enjoy your feasting and football today. May your day be filled with thanksgiving and many additional reasons for giving thanks.

As you go through your day, also ask the Lord God to bless our men and women in harm’s way, in foreign fields serving this nation of blessing. Ask the Lord to bless those who are without and lacking in the good things you enjoy.

I thank my God for each and everyone of you. I thank Him that He is able to bless you, keep you, and increase you in a measure of Himself.

Be well. Be blessed in Jesus’ Name.

Dave Doc Rogers


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