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The success of the DNC and Obamanation has been the marketing that they were the party of the people. If you want to counter that you have to inform everyone “the people are the Republic” and “the Republic are the people.” … bad English but it works …

If we who support the RNC or are conservative in our government view and wish to serve the Republic do not find any avenue possible to reach out to the people of these USA then we can easily look forward to the USSA instead. It is not fear. It is their socialist propaganda that is splitting the USA along race, ideology, region, and economy. Those that do nothing will not know what hit them until it is too late.

Unless … we who support the conservative government, rule of law, and the Republic must fight a good fight of words and ideals, press our case to the just people of this nation. The Republic needs to know being conservative toward government or membership in the RNC is not a bunch of jack boot stomping loonies but real people who really love and care for their nation and all of the people in it. Go there to find success. People want to follow someone who is real.

People want a leader who is real. We have had enough of the smooth politicians. It is time for change of another sort. The men and women who fought and died for a fledgingly nation were workers, farmers, craftsmen, tradesmen/women, teachers, doctors, preachers, and even a few lawyers. They were not professional politicians driving an agenda for their ’cause.’ They were normal people doing the best they could for a mass of people on a foreign shore they called home. Such was the birth of the USA.

Find someone who will fight for the people of this great nation and the hundreds of thousands that come here legally to pursue citizenship legally. Find that person then follow them. Push them to the front and support them. Demand leadership from your leaders. Lose the sychophants and parasites.

Amen? … It’s Hebrew for ‘so be it.’ Or, as Stan Lee might put it … “’nuff said!”



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