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What Does It Mean To Be A Writer?

By Dave Doc Rogers


[For a Writers Café contest bearing the same name]


A moment in time captured in thought

A word, an emotion, a feeling sought.

A temperate anvil beating words wrought

Imagination’s folly momentarily caught


Whither are we bound? Forested wood?

Boy under stair, turning bad for good?

One ring to rule them? Mystery brewed?

A lost car hunted. Friend crying, Dude!


What strikes the fancy to make one write?

To hunt for meter and rhythm tight?

Of structure and flow, continuous plight?

What does it mean making pains to write?


For some it is the expressive tone

For others it seems they are alone

For others they are picking at bone

For others still there are ideas sown


What does it mean to be a writer?

The weight of words to make one lighter?

The challenge of phrasing made tighter?

At the end, ‘tis not pen made mightier?

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