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To Tell The Truth?

By Dave Doc Rogers



What if I told the truth?

Would you think less of me?

Others have. “You’re uncouth!”

Actually, references to anatomy.


But what if I told the truth?

Would it really matter?

But I have spoken the truth.

Their words did not flatter.


You see, I can see, plain as day,

The things they say are truth are lies.

But, delusion is delusion, come what may.

Another injured party, their truth plies.


“Quid est veritas,” The Roman would say.

Denial of what is makes one wise.

Prepondering words affluently flay

Any naysayer whose variation tries.


Paralysis of analysis afflicts the brain.

By wise words and false counsel deem

That mysteries unsolved, devious refrain,

Are true even though false theora gleam.


Drowning men drown in deserts plain

Looking for answers where they are not.

Answers scribed upon stone twice again

Simply give notice of truth where forgot.


Truth for lies, a thief’s art in loss.

To gain a mystery, truth for trade.

Once liberated, the shiny now dross.

Once liberated, no recuperance made.


So vile a thing I cannot touch,

The deceptive cloak of one so covered.

Greased with half truths and such

Slimed with virulence discovered.


So what do I say now to tickle your ear?

What is it about truth you deathly fear?

Is it confrontation to your lies?

Is there a deeper reason buried in disguise?


Why do you fear the truth so?

Is it change you must make, to know?

Is it decision, your truth once trusted?

Upon reality discovered now busted?

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